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45 yo male. Retired lecurer that spends time traveling and meeting new people and places. Always keen for new experiences. I do a lot of reading, writing and observing. To me sexuality is much more than humping and pumping and the shortest road to a climacs. People find me actractive and thus I can ...

port elizabeth

port elizabeth

port elizabeth, eastern cape


you know reading all of your stories make me think that my life is actualy not how i wanted it. im sad cos i wish i had these experiences in the stories even if they are fictional, my sex live is so boring. just wish i lived in each of these experiences and fantasies


Well let me start by saying that im a 22 year old guy who happened to be looking out for erotic stories then by mistake i entered this site and i was compeletly hooked.



Iam a african male 19 years from south african and the reason i joined Lush is to read stories and getting to meet new people from all over the world cause iam not actually an author but a rapper & a song writter.



me, i enjoy life as a bachelor. i do not take thing seriuosly and always looking for the next big thing in my life. Came on here thanx to my lil brother.

Busy helping him out and not much to do at work so trying this site one more time.




Married guy ..... Looking for fun with mature minded ladies

Ladies, Don't be shy to open chat window...I love chatting....if I'm not around to chat, just leave me a message and I'm sure we will touch base later.

#### I'm no He Lover ...LOL ####

I'm up for Skype fun once I...