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I have quite a vivid imagination and would like to share it with some like minded individuals, im shy at first but once i get to know you then i tend to open up a little more, i find this space lets me explore my inner desires and fantasies and would like to exchange some thoughts with a sensual ,se...

I am an openminded person. Me and my wife love to try out new things in life. I am a closset dresser and she approves. We like to meet simular people and enjoy friends and attention.

I am looking to learn ..
very opened minded
They say knowledge is power
interested in discovering new things

I'm Married, live in South Africa. I love reading stories of MILF's group sex,3some's Wife lovers. Would like nothing more than to have a MILF fucking the shit out of me. My wife is very sexy, with a nice fat pussy that milks my cock. She fantasies about a BIG dick fucking. Sure we have sex, but not...

We are a vibrant couple who enjoys everything and anything. We have experimented with alot of things and keep the things we love. To find out what we enjoy please invite us and we will chat.

I'm here to enjoy the stories, the forums and sometimes chatting with friends.
While the young guys are hot and have staying power (or the ability to 'recover' quickly) - I must admit that I enjoy the older, more experienced man who really knows what a woman wants!

Okay, clearly this ne...

I am an exhibitionist slut who loves to have sex in public places.
I love to have long detailed roleplays online but I do not do cam or phone so please do not ask me for that.
I have stopped wearing a panty or bra. I was introduced to exhibitionism by my first boyfried and since then am ho...

New to all this, i am here to enjoy reading some stories and meeting a select group of friends. i have been curious about women, but never acted on it.

Be Gentle

A free spirited bi-curious girl.

Not here for the men, sorry

Not available for cam, and not open to incest, crossdressing, "chicks with dicks" peeing and a few other things.

Love to talk dirty to other woman, no camming u...

Love to chat, love talk some spice and get that feeling of excitement moving through my body.

I am a father and husband, here spice up my life. what u see is what u get