Members located in South Africa

Im a young man in south africa with a large sexual apetite. avrage person nothing amazing but i have a fairly BIG imagination. Looking to express myself and maybe make some of my stories come true.

Just a friendly, open minded and warm hearted guy looking to meet some new people Easily approachable and a natural joker, animal lover and student studying journalism at the moment, been playing drums for 7 years and i'm addicted to tattoos

here to have fun and be as naughty as possible meat like minded sexy woman and share my sexy dirty mind

young man who loves reading stories and makeing new friends

Hi I am happily married and just enjoy reading and chatting with others and now and then just a quick flirt to keep the blood pumping

Im just here to have fun. Love the kick of being naughty and chatting to beautifull woman.

I have always enjoyed reading and writing.
I have a vivid imagination....
And I've always known that I am a voyeur at heart.

just using my imagination and letting some sexual tension off my shoulders and hopefully yours too!!

Im straight, but love the idea of knowing im responsible for making you cum!! Message me and let me know which stories you enjoy and what makes u get off (both guys and girls..)


I,m a 38 year old married male and happily married with a huge sex drive. My wife cant satisfy me every time as she does not have such a high sex drive. Reading stories and talking to the authors is a simple way of giving me that extra bit of sexual attention I need.

I am happily married to a wonderful lady, but i have this seriously over-active imagination that i just cant turn off. So i am here to blow off some steam and indulge in some of my favourite fantasies.(you will see some of them represented in s...