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I love to wear female clothes (by force or willing). I love pretending to be a girl thats 16yrs - 25yrs old (or from 12 or 13yrs old when wanted) in the company of girls, guys, couples or all, from ages of teens to grans. I am also try to liberate() clothes from girls (try to catch me if u can, if o...

Hi im a submissive slave looking 4 a mistress 2 obey

In real life: My wife and I are swingers and particularly enjoy group sex (the larger the group, the better). I'm bisexual. In 'Lush' life: The stories that I enjoy most are: gay male, anal, group sex and bi. I enjoy cybering especially with guys.

I have been coming here on and off since 2010, I don't seem to be able to keep away for too long!
That doesn't mean I'm ready to jump into cybering with you, I prefer to actually like you.

The av's are never me but bare a strong resemblance.

So... here we go again.. maybe this time it will actually post..
About me.. hmmm. well.. I am a very happily married Bi Girl from SA... My hubby is amazing to me and for me... but you know how it is... A girl just needs more girly time... ...

Just a young guy, from South Africa, looking for some cyber fun!

I am particularly interested in MILFs, I've always been fascinated by older women and would love to get to know an older women. So any MILF looking for a young stud. Hit me up.

Transgirls are also of particular inte...

I am a normal guy with a wild streak. Been reading lush for a long while now and finally decided to join up. I am very shy (but with many surprises if you get to know me) so it would be a good idea of you started talking to me first.

I'm just looking for some online fun. I'm young and flirty. I 'd like to think of myself as an intellectual person

I'm really bad at this part. Here more for the older ladies, who can teach me more about my sexuality

Hey... thanks for clicking my page!!!

I found this site for the stories and then found out that there a social part to this site... looking for some fun.. I like to talk to older guys and ladies. I like to talk to people who are themselves don't try to be someone that your not!! Hate that!!...

I'm a bisexual woman seeking other bisexual woman to chat to. NO MEN if you are move along and if you are pretending to be a woman then you need to move out of your momma's basement and get a life.

If you want to know more add me.

i just love being horny and getting boners for creative reasons and i think im a voyeur at heart because even when i have sex i love it when i watch a girl and she is touching her tits. horny girls turn me on so if you say naughty things alday then yea im that guy. on a less sexual note im a program...

Just a fun living guy looking to have some fun and meet new people.