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I am happily married to a wonderful lady, but i have this seriously over-active imagination that i just cant turn off. So i am here to blow off some steam and indulge in some of my favourite fantasies.(you will see some of them represented in s...

just using my imagination and letting some sexual tension off my shoulders and hopefully yours too!!

Im straight, but love the idea of knowing im responsible for making you cum!! Message me and let me know which stories you enjoy and what makes u get off (both guys and girls..)


Ill be updating my profile over the next few days.

My name, well you can call me Mello
I am a lover of beautiful things and in my space I like surrounding me with it man or woman
I love reading...don't get the chance to write much, these days though.
As I said, I am bi-curious....

We're an outgoing couple looking for some online chatting and fun.

I’m a 33 year old straight male. Just a fun loving guy looking to have some fun and meet new people.

Straight Indian Hindu exploring my hidden fem submissive side with a deep and intense desire for mature hung men.

I love writing, erotic stories mostly, and I live to enjoy the pleasures of life (sex included), and there are more erotic stories of mine than what will be available here. A visit to my blog ( tell you where to find them, and most of them deal with the incest and...