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just using my imagination and letting some sexual tension off my shoulders and hopefully yours too!!

Im straight, but love the idea of knowing im responsible for making you cum!! Message me and let me know which stories you enjoy and what makes u get off (both guys and girls..)


45yo guy living near Cape Town, South Africa...travelling a lot and doing photography as well.

I,m a 38 year old married male and happily married with a huge sex drive. My wife cant satisfy me every time as she does not have such a high sex drive. Reading stories and talking to the authors is a simple way of giving me that extra bit of sexual attention I need.

I am happily married to a wonderful lady, but i have this seriously over-active imagination that i just cant turn off. So i am here to blow off some steam and indulge in some of my favourite fantasies.(you will see some of them represented in s...

I love to wear female clothes (by force or willing). I love pretending to be a girl thats 16yrs - 25yrs old (or from 12 or 13yrs old when wanted) in the company of girls, guys, couples or all, from ages of teens to grans. I am also try to liberate() clothes from girls (try to catch me if u can, if o...

Hi im a submissive slave looking 4 a mistress 2 obey

I am a normal guy with a wild streak. Been reading lush for a long while now and finally decided to join up. I am very shy (but with many surprises if you get to know me) so it would be a good idea of you started talking to me first.

In real life: My wife and I are swingers and particularly enjoy group sex (the larger the group, the better). I'm bisexual. In 'Lush' life: The stories that I enjoy most are: gay male, anal, group sex and bi. I enjoy cybering especially with guys.

Little bit naughty, whole lot nice.

I don't get onto Lush often, and when I do manage, it's in bursts of activity. I work, I study, I socialise, I love - and I Lush when I can.

I will accept friend requests, but only sex-chat with Roamer.

Open-minded. Enjoy good and entertaining company, especially the outdoors, travel, adventure, flirting... and of course hot sex!

So... here we go again.. maybe this time it will actually post..
About me.. hmmm. well.. I am a very happily married Bi Girl from SA... My hubby is amazing to me and for me... but you know how it is... A girl just needs more girly time... ...

i just love being horny and getting boners for creative reasons and i think im a voyeur at heart because even when i have sex i love it when i watch a girl and she is touching her tits. horny girls turn me on so if you say naughty things alday then yea im that guy. on a less sexual note im a program...

Just a fun living guy looking to have some fun and meet new people.

Straight Indian Hindu exploring my hidden fem submissive side with a deep and intense desire for mature hung men.