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i just love being horny and getting boners for creative reasons and i think im a voyeur at heart because even when i have sex i love it when i watch a girl and she is touching her tits. horny girls turn me on so if you say naughty things alday then yea im that guy. on a less sexual note im a program...

Just a fun living guy looking to have some fun and meet new people.

mydesiwife78 on flickr

I'm shy, very sweet. If u get to know me I happen to be the the opposite of those. I write fiction but not erotica. I'll try it soon though. As for now I read lots of erotica

I love writing, erotic stories mostly, and I live to enjoy the pleasures of life (sex included), and there are more erotic stories of mine than what will be available here. A visit to my blog ( tell you where to find them, and most of them deal with the incest and...

Been here, left, returned.. back again.
Very active and fit, good looking, try most things at least twice HAHA
I love sex in most of its forms
Read almost anything and may write some myself

I live a very private life but if we do chat, ask away and I will answer as best as I ca...

hi, firstly thanx for viewing my profile...

i was introduced to lush stories by a friend, here i can share my thoughts freely.
i enjoy chatting to people from other countries, and to share personal sexual fantasies and experiences.
yes i enjoy dirty talk, please ladies dont be shy.

Send me a message and lets prob ignore you if ur a guy... Dont take offense... Just interested in girls...

I am a traveler on the seas of fate and love to write about things I have experienced or that was shared with me. Fantasy is a big part of my life and I want to find out more about erotic worlds.

I enjoy life, love partying, Work hard highly sexed love foreplay eat and be eaten My philosophy in life is what is for you wont go by you and we r in charge of our own destiny


A paradox - i like being treated like a lady in public and like a dirty whore in private

Alberton, 1449