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I'm shy, very sweet. If u get to know me I happen to be the the opposite of those. I write fiction but not erotica. I'll try it soon though. As for now I read lots of erotica

hi, firstly thanx for viewing my profile...

i was introduced to lush stories by a friend, here i can share my thoughts freely.
i enjoy chatting to people from other countries, and to share personal sexual fantasies and experiences.
yes i enjoy dirty talk, please ladies dont be shy.

Send me a message and lets prob ignore you if ur a guy... Dont take offense... Just interested in girls...

I am interested in what makes the world go around - and sex does that!

•somewhere between law & journalism.
•under cover over lover.
•john green.
•free spirited.

I'm just a simple man

athletic kinky male

I am slowly getting to know myself, and questioning and researching a lot of thing.
Simply curious.

An I-O psychology student, a free spirit on thw quest for inner peace. I'm a natural hair lover, a Sapiosexual and a Stoner.

Happily engadged to a awesome man. Sexually inquisitive and want to explore. Very eager to try FFM threesome, me and my hubby with another girl.

After traveling all over the place for work, finally retired in South Africa.
I have been on Lush before.
Looking for enjoyment,
Looking to meet gorgeous and mature women: Will you give me this pleasure?