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Hey, I've just joined Lush afetr having read the stories for a while. I think it goes without saying that most of the people on this site are a little bit sex crazed, and I wouldn't consider myself exempt from that. I'm just here to chat and hopefully get to know a few like minded people.

im min joo, but you can call me mj... i like to read erotic stories and watch sex-related movies thats why im here,lol... im a virgin and no one believes it... lol well, i love to read and watch(but prefferably reading, it can make your imagination go wild)., im doing this because i wanted to know e...


Hey I'm Jadyn from Korea. Ok its really Dong Hyun. BIG DONG Hyun. And it's SOUTH Korea! A buck for each time someone ask North or South? I'm new to this site! Ok I'm new to sex. 23 year old virgin actually. Stop laughing! Its not that funny. Ok it is but I'll Tae Kwan Do your ass in a minute. Anyway...

I got into BDSM a few years ago and am learning more everyday. My pet and I have taught each other so much and recently I have decided to put some of our adventures on paper, so to speak. Some of them are fantasies, but like all stories, they are all based on true events.



Hello my name is Julie I am from Seoul in South Korea. I am a lawyer. I lived in Pittsburgh a few years ago where I studied law at Pittsburgh University. During my time in America I worked as a stripper to pay my tuition fees. In my spare time I like to take part in amateur pornography

South Korea



I am old and used dick but I love to read the sex story. I am very open minded person. Theses days, I am beginning to have interests in Polyamory.
If any question, feel free to ask or just fuck me sometime.


I am new to all this, but I love to read the stories and learn new things that I would love to true if I found a woman with an open mind that is willing to try with me?????