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I feel I am born for sex. I began with 4 years old to think about sex and I practiced it with five with girls of my age as I took their clothes off. Sometimes two sisters. I was used by my babysitter letting me jump on her and pressed me against her clitoris. With ten I was used by close relatives a...

married 49 yo teacher

Hi, I am a 30 someting single guy living in switzerland. I am into almost anything. I am into spanking both giving and recieving, Bi, Oedippus, group, crossdressing among many others.

I like reading spanking stories, that´s why I have joined lush. I have my spanker which I´m in relationship with and we also try light bdsm.
I am glad to meet other people to chat and learn about them.

I'm Sarah, swiss bi 43 single, naturist, very open-minded, living with my daughter, 21 yo.

i dont really know what to write in these sections on websites so here goes. I live in switzerland , I am half british and half swiss. Its a long story. I am studying computer science. I came here looking for a bit of fun maybe to I can play a bit harder then I work for a change ...

I am a black professional male living in Europe and loving showing the ladies what real loving is about. I love to communicate with all types of people--but the operative word is communicate. If you want to 'friend' me we must establish some communication first. Would love to see some of you over...

BBdorf: neighbor village of downtown Lietsch City

I just came here to share my humble scribblings with people, and as it turned out, it's a place where one can make good friends too. If you read my stuff, and want to point out something, constructive criticism is always very welcome.