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I like talking in chats and making friends. I like to chat to a person who has a sense of humor and knows how to build a conversation. I prefer single ladies out there.

Hello there. Olivia here (My last name is not here), the black-haired woman, and I chose my username because I am a lover of Goddess' which I believe would qualify to be the most beautiful of women, and if I met one, I'd fall for them. And hopefully this goddess is me, I want to be the one who brigh...

Hello, this is Lena~ I am from Taiwan! Feel free to talk to me. I hope to have fun on the site, but please don't be too pushy. I am a model, and I like to go shopping in my free time.

Hi yeah the avatar is me(I may change for another one)~~
I love to be control. Anyone like the sub or crossdressing can chat with me~ I would like to chat with you all.
The fetishes I like are strapon, verbal humiliation, crossdress, cbt, nipple play and slight spank. I like to chat with tho...

~*My name is Riley and adore power exchange and all of the psychology and philosophy behind it. Most of my stories take place from the inner monologue of the submissive but I'm working on expanding my writing. I've had the amazing opportunity to write Erotica based on the fantasies of some of my clo...

Innocent looking Chinese teen who's a slut. I use all of my mum's toys when she's working, wetting my towels.


I'm a semi retired executive who's been married twice and about to get a second divorce.