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I’m Loved by some, Hated by many, Envied by most, Yet wanted by plenty.

I'm a 25 year old woman who has a BA in Business Administration, and obviously love to explore my sexual needs

hey people.. been here for a while now.explored my secret side in here. into lot of kinks and love meeting new friends.ready to chat nytime ..hope to meet u soon.

Hi to you all. I was recommended Lush by some 'good' friends, they thought I would appreciate the experience. I am no stranger to similar sites to this, but look forward to expanding my circle of 'special' friends.
So I'm really looking forward to saying hello to you sexy people?

I'm Asian,my ultimate fantasy is to get gangbanged by 5 men.I like giving blowjobs,my favorite sexual position is doggy.I masturbate a lot especially while reading Lush. Rubbing my tits & teasing my clit are my favorite hobbies.


was on lush earlier.. left and now back.. :P seems i cant keep outta lush.. :P

Abu Dhabi

I guess I must be the only guy on here without amazing pecs and a 10" cock! haha

I'm Jim, I'm just a normal guy really!

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

A married woman from Eastern corner of the world,wanna to make friendship,wants pleasure,enjoy life like a butterfly,from flower to flowers,fly fly fly .......


I am so funny man