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I am one of those submissive BBW (big beautiful women)


Horny, Bi-sexual



Okay...Well This APPARENTLY is Mandatory for me to get the right friends on here. So :) Okay i love to use Smilies all the time, my favourite is :3 Cos it reminds me of my face when im being sarcastic :D Im still in school, high school to be persise, but i leave this year :3 In my school you stay ti...

In a daze

I am a laid back guy who is into most things and I don't really have any no-nos More interested in enjoying life as you only get one go

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Hi Im sally. Although I like chatting to everyone Im mainly into women, so guys please know the line :)

*Guys please stop sending me friend requests if I dont know you. I get 30 + a day and I just delete all of them*

Inside your mum


I'm 18 and live in kngussie. I live with danny who I'm in an open relationship with. I work for co op which I find very boring. I enjoy writing so I decided to give erotic a bash

Isle Of Wight

im a romantic, i believe love can blossom in the strangest of circumstances. i'm new to writing but thought i'd share some stories.




Romantic Pagan Knight, in slightly tarnished armour! Haven't written in a while, but loved to write about my experiences, both real and imagined. I love to include a large element of truth even in my fictional stories, otherwise they wouldn't mean anything to me, and therefore ring true to my reade...


Hey, I'm Jenny. I love reading and sharing erotic stories with other women. I have a facebook if anyone wants to add me :)


Im a self employed photographer! My main subject being photoshoots of couples and singles. I am very openminded and will shoot most subjects. I like to think the service I offer is not kinky just sexy for the clients! I will not shoot children. If a couple or single wish to have sexy shots for there...


Hello, I'm a Bisexual who is new to writing, well this sort of writing anyway. I'm using my experiences as a basis to form my stories with my fantasies entwined. Hope you enjoy my writings.


Hi I'm a gentle happy fun guy who loves a good story, and would love to write some of my own would love to chat and meet new people!


Kettering, northants, england, u.k

I'd danny i have many crossdressing fantasies and a fair amount of bdsm fantasies too i'm danny or jessica if you prefer and i'm quite submissive =) i'm only 18 but i know an awful lot about sex and such-like so please get in touch ty x


I write stories about control, humilation, degrading, reluctance and use

Lake District

I am a nice person who happens to like reading and writing erotica. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the amount of genuinely nice people on here who you can have an intelligent conversation with. Those of you who are special to me, I thank you for your friendship and love. I am happy to ma...

Lake District

Even though i am male i love to dress up in girls clothes and read the stories on crossdressing. If anyone would like to chat about crossdresing please get in touch.





I am 35, 6 feet 1 inches blue eyes, black curly hair and 'much bigger than average' - apparently. I live in a small town called Burnley in Lancashire UK