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Hi. I originally came here to read, but now I've actually published my first story I think i might have a go at writing some more.

Don't want to bore you.

I love reading and writing stories and so will try my hand on here - so to speak! lol Love to chat and make people smile.

Student! Live off caffeine! Like to party! Add me as a friend and chat to know anything else! :)

I'm 20 and I enjoy crossdressing, as anybody can probably guess from the stories I write. I'm just here to post my stories so I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to let me know if you do, I like to know what people think!

im a bi bbw and i love a good giggle im 28 i got 2 kids was married havent been with anyone since thats about 2yrs im a very open person always up to know good hehe

To date, my collection of stories form a set that traces the sexual awakening of an innocent through to maturity. Of particular interest to me, is the means by which sexual preferences and fetishes become established.

nothing much to say. About 6'3/2, dark. Likes sports, music, femalee, stories of course. Anything else you want to know...feel free to ask.