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nothing much to say. About 6'3/2, dark. Likes sports, music, femalee, stories of course. Anything else you want to know...feel free to ask.

I always loved writing stories when I was younger and was always told they were very good, I am a lot older now and my stories have a more grown up theme, and I found this site and thought why the hell not?? So far so good, I hope I can continue to entertain with more of the same if not better!! ;-)

New here, just checking this out. Reading a little, perhaps chatting a little. Maybe I'll write more soon.

I love reading all the sexy stories on lush, just a bit of escapism fun

im a fun girl, that loves sex. male or females.

I enjoy the heat and passion you can get from a well written erotic story, and try to put as much emotion into my stories to give everyone else the same feeling

Previously published on Literotica but driven away by brain dead trolls who wouldn't know a decent story if it bit them on the rear.

Just like to have a little harmless fun