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I always loved writing stories when I was younger and was always told they were very good, I am a lot older now and my stories have a more grown up theme, and I found this site and thought why the hell not?? So far so good, I hope I can continue to entertain with more of the same if not better!! ;-)

Err.. I'm 19, I love sex, and everything about it. I'm a bi sexual, so.. Girls and guys, You're both invited :P - I like to play video games.. :$ And I like to do excersise :) I enjoy the occasional cyber, But.. I gotta say, The girls seem to do It better :P If you wanna know ANYTHING else, Just sen...

New here, just checking this out. Reading a little, perhaps chatting a little. Maybe I'll write more soon.

A male who chooses to use a picture of a rather attractive female bottom!

Average straight white dude.

I don't like all this violent or "torture porn" as it's sometimes called - a lot of it gives anal a bad name. Why would I want to see a woman in pain? I also believe in keeping fit - not to washboard 6 pack standard, but healthy body healthy mind and all that....

Im a married xdresser and likes to write about my experiances.

I love reading all the sexy stories on lush, just a bit of escapism fun

Likes everything about sex, likes women that squirt, likes to be dirty and likes women who are in control...nothin i won;t do in the bedroom game for anything :)

im a fun girl, that loves sex. male or females.

I love music, film, the written word, travel and love. I fear a life without feeling.

Hey Everyone =]

Im new on here so will add more to this later on :)

Im 21 Single, bi-sexual Dont be shy, talk to me :D