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Camberley, Surrey

80years old and a widower fit for my age and excessive weight

I am an intelligent, cultured, shaven headed 40 something. I enjoy real women and real conversation.

I am not into anything or anybody that is crass or cheap, I need my intellect stimulated before anything else.

I am into sensuality rather than porn. I like it to simmer slowly befo...

Camberley, Surrey

Croydon, Surrey

I am 53 years young and am getting more adventurous by the day. I am a physicist by trade and make my living as such. I like writing about Incest, BDSM, spanking and Lesbian sex. Yes I know what does a man know about Lesbian sex, not a lot. However it is more than just a turn on, I do think women's...

Croydon, Surrey

Dorking surrey, Surrey

Hi my name is Harry, and i am Bi-curious and i like shemales over males i still like females and fucking them. I am on skype breadingut if you would like to do it to skype massage me first and especially you shemales get in touch. i love to read incest stories there so hot!!!!!

Dorking/Horsham, near Gatwick, Surrey

Athletic bodied guy, up for anything, will give it a go at least once! experimentation is good....

Egham, Surrey

I'm a lesbian, which means to all the men messaging me, your requests will be deleted instantly. All women are welcome ;). Really though I just love sex, and love talking about it, and as long as you're open about yourself, we'll get along fine.

If there's anything you want to know, then ...

Esher, Surrey

Guildford, Surrey

Guildford, Surrey

Horley / Gatwick, Surrey

Hi there! I've been on Lush a few months now and am enjoying. I've been on chat a bit, read some great works and written a fair few stories. My stories generally fall into two groups:
1) Splendid / debauched / gratuitous sex in fantasy like situations
2) Situations that are more real with ...

Kingston, Surrey

I like to chat with anyone who is feeling sexy. Very open minded. Like to Skype also - ask me for details.

London, Surrey

London , Surrey

London / Surrey, Surrey

Mitcham, Surrey

Just joined so will add more details later... In and out

Nr Woking, Surrey

Moderator and member.

Temporarily using an old avatar (its a moderator thing :s)... none of the old jokes please! (ke). However you can call me Pepe or Skunky whilst this avatar i...

Sandy Farm Business Centre, Sands Road, The Sands, Farnham, Surrey, Surrey

I am working at Kevin Sewell Mortgages, we offers a full range of mortgage and insurance services to clients across the world. Buildings insurance, medical insurance and mortgages to UK residents, foreign nationals and expats.

I'm 5ft 1 and 1/2 with brown hair and eyes (the 1/2 is important to me being short, and I am forever grateful to whoever invented high heel shoes. UK size 8/10 (clothes not shoes lol)

I started visiting the site to read erotic stories, primarily by Mazza who is an amazing erotic writer an...