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hey friends i am frazzer new to lush but old as far as bdsm is concered simple honest and friendly Dom looking to enjoy life and help making others enjoy too, so please feel free to msg or talk to me

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em a new user here. . . .i hope ppl will surly help me to understand this amazinG site. . .thnku.

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I am peter. of surrey, aged 59, slim, ,

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I am a quiet, hardworking professional with an enormous sex drive. I like reading about sex, watching sex, having sex, thinking of having sex. Sometimes (months) I am busy with the other important things (work, family etc) in my life but it is always fun to be back to sex. I have a very creative min...

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Hey- I'm Craig, 25 years old. I'm originally from Newcastle but living in London at the moment due to work. Been in the Air Force 8 years now, loved most of it. Wanna know any more, say hello :-)

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29 year old man looking to have a bit of fun before I get married. I'm intrested in women and I love to read the stories by my fellow Lushies. I will chat with anyone about their intimate and kinky conquests. I will not put profile pic but i have some to share.

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I'm Louise been reading the stories on here for a while and thought it was about time i joined. I'm 18 and single

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Heyy all, I'm new here so sorry if I'm a lil slow found this sight a while back but only just decided on becoming a member :D if you wanna talk just message me I should message back pretty soon I'm happy to have a lil fun now and then ;) and have some pretty weird experiences that I'd love to share ...

I first came to Lush out of random googling. Took me a while to create a profile but when I did, I realized that this wonderful site had much more to offer then what it presents. I'm a simple guy. Don't really beat about the bush. Started to write. Hopefully I can find the motivation and inspiration...

Real girl, dry sense of humour or so I've been told, likes a bit of friendly banter as well as other things, a bit on the submissive side...

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Nice by nature, naughty by desire,

A little shy in the real world but here can become an alter ego, would love to explore in this safe environment.

Roleplay is a passion, so love guys with a sense of humour and imagination

Amazed at how my interests and thoughts have chan...