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To date, my collection of stories form a set that traces the sexual awakening of an innocent through to maturity. Of particular interest to me, is the means by which sexual preferences and fetishes become established.

Err.. I'm 19, I love sex, and everything about it. I'm a bi sexual, so.. Girls and guys, You're both invited :P - I like to play video games.. :$ And I like to do excersise :) I enjoy the occasional cyber, But.. I gotta say, The girls seem to do It better :P If you wanna know ANYTHING else, Just sen...

A male who chooses to use a picture of a rather attractive female bottom!

Average straight white dude.

I don't like all this violent or "torture porn" as it's sometimes called - a lot of it gives anal a bad name. Why would I want to see a woman in pain? I also believe in keeping fit - not to washboard 6 pack standard, but healthy body healthy mind and all that....

Likes everything about sex, likes women that squirt, likes to be dirty and likes women who are in control...nothin i won;t do in the bedroom game for anything :)

I love music, film, the written word, travel and love. I fear a life without feeling.

Just a newbie who has read many a story, and wanting to try as well! looking to explore my fantasies, as well as meeting new sexy friends! Always willing to try most things, I like to try and write about families, and not the norm type sexy stories. I think i might need to make this a bit clear...

Roleplayer and writer of spanking erotica. Author of "Abel's Spanking Stories" and "The Spanking Writers" - one of the leading literary kink blogs.

I just wasn't made for these times.


Hey im Heidi, im 25 years old and i have a wonderful husband and a two year old daughter called Skye. I live in the UK and i am a secretary.

I am a bit of a devil when i want to be ;)

Inbox me. ;)

Hi... If you've found this page via Benaughty, SexintheUK, or any other site, you can contact me here... and please check out my Lush stories under the profile name: Imalovernotawriter ... in my friends list, below. Thanks. Hope you enjoy and get in touch soon xxx

i love reading erotic stories hence why im here there are some great writers on here and the stories they write are very diverse

Loud but Shy. Simple but Complex. (:

very sporty 21 year old, enjoy hanging with mates and chilling out and also heading into town.

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