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Hope that you enjoy my stories. Drop a note and let me know.

athelitic, muscular, strong, outsdoors type...loves to please a lady, veiw her body, flirt, chat, and just bs with a lady...big hands, long thick finger, big bone....long and thick there too..very it,...... giving ohh, yeah, and recieving...ummm...both chatt...

I like to do editing of stories, and i am always willing to edit their stories for free.

I'm a normal, average guy, who has thing for incest. I have a wild imagination and thought I'd put it to some use.

I am a semi-retired oil & gas engineer who has traveled to many countries. Most of my work was on the African continent. Currently, I provide consulting work for new exploration companies.

Married for second time. In my mid forties

I'm open to most things. I enjoy chatting. I'm still trying to write stories.

A dominant submissive. Ever get tired of Having to be in charge of everything in anyones life. A bit twisted but who isnt when they don't have total anonomous screen name? Why hide my devil when you arent ever going to see me.

I love reading the stories on lush :) I'm a big fan of incest stories ;] but haven't experienced any incest. You could say I'm a little curious ;) Hoping to write some of my own stories soon

Author of Freedom is Slavery and host of

I love to read and write erotic stories. My man and I have a very active sex life and I have a great imagination. Combinging the two is amazing. I hope you all like my stories, as much as I love writting them!

I am a 6'2", 230lbs and straight male who enjoys writing and reading erotica and meeting new people who share similar interests.

There is not a whole lot about me to say. I just like to think up stories. Being creative in that sense ensures that I am never bored when it comes to masturbation as I know some of my friends say do. Also, all of my stories are fictitious.

I've written a lot of different types, but my poetry is my strong suit. I'm just here to try my writing on something different. So bare with me ;)

I like to read all kinds of stories. If you want to chat or something feel free to msg me.