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Dirty South, Texas

Just here for fun. Not here to meet up with guys. I have a husband who is more than enough for me. With that said, if you're a guy and wanting a little more than just a friendly chat, keep looking, because I'm not that gal.
And NO, I WILL NOT ADD YOU without a message attached. I won't take a s...

Hello I'm Peri and I'm here for stories and girls, especially authors. But whatever happens here, remains here. For me it is not a place to develop friendship for real life. I cannot talk on phone or text, neither I'll add anyone on facebook, exchange email address etc. I'm a straight forward girl and admire feminine beauty and sensuality. I'm average looking, 5-8 tall and body figure of 33-24-34....

EP, Texas

I am 5'8 195lbs still have some salt and pepper hair.

East Texas, Texas

I am a 26 year old with ragging hormones... I enjoy all different kinds of sex, so I love all of the stories I have read so far! I am very adventureous and will try anything at least once... Cyber sex really doesnt do anything for me so I am not really into it. Sorry boys! I love women and there is ...

East Texas, Texas

Hello there ,well I guess I like tranny ,cross dressing ,gay ,young ,hairy daddies taking charge of me stories .I was married 15 years and now I am not .I want to explore other sexual things like shemales and big hairy daddies that love me and make me do things to and for them .I want to play with a...

East Texas , Texas

Edinburg, Texas

Egyptian, Texas

I Engineering, play piano, Draw fashion, play wrestling... Dance, play poker, drink, activities........

Love The Life & Like to try Anything New..

Wanna active partner , Love her life & Like to try Any thing New...... I don't like her to care and think about sex a lot..


Hello everyone. I have been reading these stories for awhile now and decided to join in the fun. I won't do the video chat or meet anyone in person. I would love to chat with anyone that wants to. I think this place is an awesome way to chatwith new people and explore new interests.

El Paso, Texas

I am a young (22 y/o) fun man that enjoys the best of life. I like to play soccer, raquetball, tennis, mountain climbing, bouldering, white water rafting and spend time with my dogs. I don't remember how I landed here to Lush but I was hooked the minute I read my first story.

El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas

Just here to read... maybe make some friends.

Eldorado, Texas

Born in 1971, M.C. Questgend travel the country with his parents as a military brat. Settling in Texas where he was first introduced to alternative lifestyles, he was able to finish high school and continue his new "hobby" in college. After college, he returned to start a family of his own, but the ...

Euless, Texas

Not a writer, but an avid reader. Enjoy most authors and their works. Prefer it when I spend time in the south-large area as I love the southern USA from east to gulf to pacific coasts and the mountians and plains in between.

FT Worth, Texas

I am a 19 year old male, and I love sex ... I love a hard cock and i love a hard cock in my ass as often as i can get it... i am on the fem side and i love making a grand entrence where ever i go... i have been testing the waters so to say with sex and doing new and adventurous things (lol). I am r...

There are things about me that many will never know because at present, I don't even know all of them. I am, in a nutshell, a girl that has an affinity for the written word. I enjoy clever banter between intellectuals, the simple flirt that hints at a filthy mind, and downright dirty talk that woul...

Fort Bliss, Texas

I currently serve in the Army, I'm 20, and I had forgotten I made an account on this site, so I'm just here. For now.

Story wise, I like to write out fantasies that I'd like to have happen in real life, therefore they'll be as magically realistic as possible. I like to think of myself as a ...

I'm a Texan. No doubt about it. I've been told I have a drawl but whatever. I love shopping and spending time naked with my husband. I write only about being with women. It's what turns me on and gives me inspiration when I'm with my girlfriend. I love being with woman and sometimes sharing them wit...

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Hey all, my name is Jay. I'm 29 years old and married to my wonderful wife Erica, who is currently 37 weeks pregnant with our first child, a daughter we are naming Aurora Rose. I currently live in Texas, but will be moving to Colorado or Nevada soon.

As for this site, i was invited by my wi...