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Been involved in many different sexual situations and have enjoyed most of them. I am a white male with a slight fetish or fascination for interracial porn. My late wife and I were swingers and the first time I saw her having sex with a Black Man I started to developed a fascination with voyeurism...

Whitehouse, Texas

Whitesboro, Texas

There is a lot hiding behind this cute little smile. It may take a while for you to learn what is hiding there.

Don't let the make-up or nice clothes fool you. I can go from made-up, to mud in about .01 seconds.(: I enjoy meeting new people and having real, often non-sexual, conversations.

Wichita Falls , Texas

Wonderland, Texas

I am in school right now for cinematography. I am a writer with a continuous case of writers block and an avid reader.

Work in South Korea, Texas

I am NOT here for cybering, but for stories and conversation. I am wanting to talk more to females. I am very interested in talking. I will not add anyone i do not know, so instead of adding me, message me. I would love to talk to each and everyone of you! Please do not ask me to be friends with you...

Your bed;), Texas

Hey I'm Amy I'm 19 and I live in Texas I love to read everything on here and talk to all the sexy girls if your interested hit me up. NO GUYS

Well ladies I'm 28 seen this, and that. Found i like girls, and being dominant, and just having a good time. I spend my nights behind a bar which i own, and my days in an apartment above said club. Piss me off, and you'll regret it. Be nice, and we'll get along with no problems. Some things i forgot...

YourMoms(;, Texas

I live in a town near Abilene and love to read the stories here on Lush. I tend to be quiet till we get to know one another and then it all goes up from there. I do write a bit of poetry but not published or printed here. I would in the construction field and enjoy everything that, that brings me...

abilene, Texas

amarillo, Texas

an ole texan who like s to have fun

amarillo, Texas

amarillo, Texas

amarillo, Texas

anarillo, Texas

army, Texas

hi,i am a 19 year old white male who just recently joined the army stationed out in texas,i stand 5'11 black hair dark eyes,lived kind of a sheltered life because of my parents that's why I joined the army. I really enjoy stories about younger men older women and incest storie,and now I guess I foun...

austin, Texas

austin, Texas

austin, Texas

austin, Texas