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Tri-Cities, Tennessee

Tricities , Tennessee

Tullahoma , Tennessee

34 y/o male, going through a divorce, have a 7 year old son that is my world, looking for some adventure and excitement.

West, Tennessee

West Tennessee, Tennessee

I'm a 43 y/o, twice-divorced, bi-sexual Mom of OK, that was a mouthful! I'm here to read the stories and chat with nice, like-minded people. I'm not here to hook up with anyone as you all seem to live a million miles away from me anyhow. I'm not really into cyber, but I do like to chat...

Westmoreland, Tennessee, just outside Nashville, Tennessee

I'm a happily married guy, who loves to write adult stories. I`ve been married to the same woman for 26 years, and we've been swingers for nearly 22 years. We have lots of stories to write about. I`ll be writing stories on here that`s total fiction, and some now and then that really happened to ...

Willo' the Whist Hollow, TN, Tennessee

Aging hetero. Love slave to Gypsy following a life of serial monogamy. Former sailor, rogue, voyager, and voyeur. Love is love and sex is sex. They are not mutually exclusive. The brain is the primary sexual organ. Wit, wisdom, and a sense of humor are more sexually stimulating than ripped abs and...

You don\'t really need to know, Tennessee

I like to play and read erotic stories. I find that my brain turns everything into an erotic story and so I have decided to write those thoughts down. I hope they are as erotic for others as they are for me. At the risk of sounding cliche, which I detest, please do not be shy about asking me if ther...

alamo, Tennessee

im tae swift. im into bdsm and all types of bondage but im the one in control. im single and lookin to have some fun. im black and just turned 18. im pretty hung for a 18 year old. so ladies look me up

anywhere you want me to be, Tennessee

Well, i'm a very shy person, when i talk to people i normally only give them one word responses, if even. im a bit of a sex addict, I don't usually read fantasies, I try to read "true stories" i happen on this site just by chance but love it. Got some stories written but dont know if I will put the...

ask me, Tennessee

Hi everyone. Im mandy. I dont know what to say really. Im a laid back very sweet and very passionate person. I luv reading and writing sex stories becuz they are beautiful to read. Im in a polyamory family. Basically there are 8 of us. 3 females amd 5 males. 4 of us live together. And the others com...

chatt, Tennessee

chatt, Tennessee

not a writer just a reader

chattanooga, Tennessee

clarksville, Tennessee

east, Tennessee

i guess i should write a litte bit about myself lol hmm let's see, i'm 5'0", about 100 lbs, 32C & i'd have to say my ass is my best ASSet haha

i'm recently out of a serious reationship, at least it still feels recent to me, and i have no interest in being "intimate" with anyone on here, wh...

erwin, Tennessee

grandview, Tennessee

I am in a relationship with a wonderful man who knows i have fantasies about being with another woman..Sorry guys but i only want to talk to Women!! I Love being a Slut in the Bedroom..but outside the bedroom i am shy and quiet..I love to dress up in Corsets,Garter Belts,Stockings and F**k Me Shoes....

greeneville, Tennessee

I'm just me y'all I'm friendly i get along win most people n really my only rule is treat me with the same respect that feel they should be treated with I'm not specifically here to try and hook up occasionally I've ran across some really genuine people so please don't look down ur nose at me when i...

in the country, Tennessee

johnson city, Tennessee

whats to say i am in school and it sucks. i am 5'3" and of average and very average. i like to watch movies, hang out and do things with my friends. i have looked at a bunch of profiles and keep seeing one thing over and over again. and i just want you to know that if you want to whisper me or priva...

knox, Tennessee