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Dallas, Texas

Communications Director. I own my own company. Middle-aged. College-degreed. Life-long Texan in the Dallas area. Married and writing a novel for the fun of it.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas , Texas

Dallas , Texas

Dallas , Texas

Dallas , Texas

From Texas! I think that should be enough
Sports fan all Dallas teams. I've had one awesome experience when I was in high school which led to my crazy addition with milfs

Dallas , Texas

My stories are just starting to be put into text. I share all non-fiction, firsthand stories with my memory as a journal. Sex is sex. Love is love. Remember this.

Dallas TX, Texas

I like Fast Bikes,rainy days,and nice(wild) women...(but not so wild that they have hair growing between their toes :) (not necessarily in that order) Mostlya homeboy!!!(but not completly) 6'1" 160lbs long curly brown hair w/blue eyes single..never been married!!! Things are seldom as they seem......

Dallas area, Texas

Dallas tx., Texas

Dallas, TX, Texas

Dallas, TX, Texas

I have been a professional writer all my career, but have never taken the opportunity to try my hand at story writing... So, I suspect this will be a good stimulant to get me started!

Dallas, Tx , Texas

Im a 40 yr old black, married, bi, disabled and open minded male... I spend alot of time alone and sometimes writing does my soul wonders. I look foward to reading stories from all kinds of experiences and fantasies, as well as unleash some of my own to you.

Dallas,TX, Texas

Dallas,Tx., Texas

Dayton, Texas


Hi, i have been on lush for some time now and only just decided to create a profile. I'm a really horny guy, love porn, especially milfs. I am new to some of this, such at chat...

Deep Inside, Texas

I'm originally from NYC and raised in Newark, NJ. A rough neighborhood and naturally I got into a lil trouble but had strong family values which thankfully have kept me out of prison.. I do have two beautiful daughters though so there's still time. I've honorably served our country on a few occasio...

OMG what to put here ????? Think I'll add this later.

Deep South, Texas

I have been writing and posting adult type stories on various websites since 2003. All of my stories are hetero-sexual and consensual. Most contain a heavy dose of teasing.

Stay horny my friends.

(The avatar is not me. I'm not as old. not as good looking, nor nearly as interesting....

Deep in the ....., Texas

I'm a certified, or certifiable, gymrat. I train 5 days a week. 5'11" 220 lbs with 10-12% body fat, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. I've been told I look like all kinds of people, Dirks Bentley, Sammy Hagar, Matthew McConaughey, Christopher Atkins (Richard) in Blue Lagoon and Thor, Oh and apparent...

Deep in the Heart, Texas

Hi, I'm Luna. I'm primarily here to read and write, but will accept most friend requests happily. Horrible conversationalist, so chatting isn't really my thing, but I'd be okay with private messages if they're friendly and interesting. I'm nineteen and attending college. Life is great right now, and...

Deep in the heart , Texas

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. I am a sexual being which is what led me to Lush. I was reading some cheesy Cosmo article and this site was mentioned in it. Naturally I had to check it out to see if I liked it and of course I was intrigued.

I initially joined this site for the stori...

Deep in the heart of, Texas

I am a cuck husband, it started when I talked my wife into having sex with my best friend, its a bit embarressing but she liked having sex with him more than me, He did things to her even I haven't done, guess she liked that. Neither of us had ever heard of cucking but he had her go online and learn...

Denison, Texas

Denison, Texas

Just an average 20's guy going to school in the sherman/denison area. Just hoping to make some friends.

Denton, Texas

Enjoy erotic stories of all kinds and like chatting with others who enjoy them as well