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Austin, TX, Texas

Born in Athens, Texas. Grew up in Athens, Dallas, Junction City, Kansas and Corpus Christi, Texas. US Army 1970-1977, including one year in Vietnam. Attended the University of Texas 1977-1980. Got married in Houston in 1981. Two grown children. One is a 29 year old wine wholesaler in Brooklyn, NY, a...

Austin, Texas, Texas

Hey everyone, been away for a while since I was in a serious relationship. Now single and ready to hang out and get to know some folks. 6'1'' italian/blk mix male from Austin, TX here. Typically I'm on here when I'm killing time at work, let me know if you want to chat.

Austin,TX, Texas

Bastrop-Tx, Texas

Here to see what others have written and what turns them on. I know I will write I already have some things in the back of my mind. Love to talk to others who like erotic stories also, so contact me if you like. I don't bite not to hard anyway.

Beaumont area, Texas

Just trying to get along and doing what I am told.

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Belton, Texas

I am happily married to The Master of my dreams and my Master & I play as a couple together............

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I might be a SweetHeart, but that can turn to a SweetBitch pretty quickly if you try to force me to do things or whisper chat me/private chat me with out asking me first. I am a lady not a tramp, not easy and sure ass HELL not owned.

I am however in a REAL life polygamous relationship, with...

Well I'm a young woman with an appeitite for creativity, and I love eroctica stories, I'm a momma, so he pretty much keeps me on my toes, and I'm not a writer but I do write music so hopefully that will lead to writing stories, who knows. Anything else you wanna know about me, just ask I'm pretty ho...

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Im a divorced single mom of 4 childern (teenagers n a preteen).. As my children have grown I have taught them sex is not bad but not good depending on how u act and what is out there in the world...its a very open subject. I enjoy sex, reading it, watching it n writing it. I think everyone should l...

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Bustin a big nutt tonight, Texas

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I came to Lush for the stories, found the chat to be good as well. I'm a bit on the shy side, so I sometimes don't talk much. Still learning everything Lush has to offer. I'm no writer, but I do love a good story!

I love having my nipples played with while enjoying a good blowjob. Drives me...

Canyon Lake, Texas

Closet crossdresser, although I am coming out a little more each day. I write stories about being feminized and loving every minute of it

Castle Hills, Texas

Hey everyone a friend told me about this site and after i checked it out, I found I really like it. I've always been realy kinky and into soo many taboo things that I never really had anyone I could tell or try them with. I am currently in a relationship but he's not as open minded as I am when it c...

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