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Houston, TX, Texas

Houston, Texas, Texas

Houston, Tx, Texas

Laid back Tx guy. Used to be into the BDSM scene as a Dom, but have since chilled out on a lot of that. Love to write, but mostly spiritual and supernatural topics. I haven't tried my hand at erotic stories yet, but may give it a shot soon since several people here are inspiring me.

Houston,TX, Texas

Houston/ Friendswood, Texas

Haven't written any stories yet, but will one day. I am new to this even though I had account for a min. Love sex and everything about it. I do have a few sexual partners that I do my best to keep away from one another cause they all want to be serious. Not ready for a serious relationship cause it ...

Humble, Texas

Humble, Texas

I am a 23 yr old with 3 kids. I work a lot and in my free time, roam the Internet. I am also owned by fiance. I am pretty much a man but in a tiny females body lol. I am real fun to hang with....

Huntsville, Texas

I am just me. Bassist/Musician, add whatever stupid stereotype you can come up with I've probably been called it. I love woman, big breasts and wide hips.

My XBL: beautyandchaos

Hurst, Texas

46 single love to read and dream.

Hurst, Texas

In Beautiful, Texas

What can I say..?.. generally a fun fella. Texas boy born & bred & yeah - I am very well aware that THAT doesn't mean a whole helluva lot to many of you! Hahaha! No worries though, I stay pretty laid back, casual, and just always open for a good time. I joined with every intention of actually writi...

In the Hot Tub, Texas

Sultry, with a taste of bondage. Something the tantalizes the mind, wets the loins, all while being sensual.

In your girlfriend's pants, Texas

My name suggests my nature and personality. I love to meet new people and make friends. Here for some fun so chicks out there please feel free and message me if you wanna have some fun ;)

Irving, Texas

I'm from the Dallas area looking to explore

Irving, Texas, Texas

Joshua, Texas

K-Town, Texas

Katy, Texas

I'm a stay at home mom who loves to read erotic stories!!! I'm married so I'm not interested in meeting men. Women only!!!

Katy, Texas

In my late 40's, after many years in a BDSM relationship as a master, I gave it up to raise my daughter. Now remarried to a wonderful but totally vanilla, I continue my interests mostly through reading. My wife knows of my interests, but dosent share them. Thankfully she doesnt mind that i have t...

Katy, Texas

Even though I am happily married I have always enjoyed good stories about real life sexual encounters and fantasies.

Katy, Texas

I am a well educated and well travelled submissive bisexual Crossdresser. I would love to find a woman or couple to serve on a regular basis

Keller, Texas

Happily married but always horny. Laid back but willing to try anything as long as it's safe and leaves no marks.

Kerrvile, Texas

I am a tall large framed hispanic male, that is living life on the right side. I have a very fruitful career in culinary arrts and i am driven by the beauty of the female body. I find myself admiring woman of all shapes, sizes and age groups wondering what it is I can do to stimulate their senses a...

Killeen, Texas

Killeen, Texas

Hello I'm a happily married man who is looking for friends and maybe some good naughty chat. The wife knows I get on here and encourages it because she gets to reap the benefits of me being naughty online. Feel free to message me.