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Hey there, I'm 21 and go to university. Always looking for a good chat session. Message me anytime!


45 year old married man. Travel on business across southern US. I had been hetrosexual and monogamous my whole life except for the time when I was 14 and a 19 year old neighbor came over and " dry humped" me. I remember feeling his hard cock rubbing against my ass crack i guess ever since then I ha...

I like to dress up and have some fun.
I'm into girls and guys
I don't always have to be dressed up

Hello, my name is Joe and I'm 21 from Texas. I'm currently going to school for drafting and design, hoping to do 3d architecture. If anything crosses your mind feel free to message me. I'm here to read and maybe write someday


Tall, dark hair and eyes, athletic build (do the best to stay in shape). Lived in southern US for a while, was born in the midwest - grew up in the Rocky Mountains.

I'm 21 years old and still like looking to the stars to imagine I am everywhere.

I am a bi 36 yr old single mom , I have 3 kids 1 boy and 2 girls. I like older men. and sometimes younger
.i dress with no under clothes under my dresses and pants... we are a nice loving family. we like the beaches, lakes, and woods.

I love to read lush stories and meet and talk to new people. Im not shy by any means, I am incredibly outgoing I smile at everyone I pass by. I hope to meet lots of people and make some new friends. I love getting into debates about things that people don't often think about or just try to imagine s...



A 19 year old boy thats into dom/sub and like to have fun and chat with other people

Articulate, educated, imaginative. Playful, open-minded, sensual.


I'm Kaya, 22 yrs old and mostly straight but that might change a bit after a drink or two. hah. Right now I have dark red hair. I like to change it up. I also love tatts (I have 2). I'm a student by day and I bartend at night to pay the bills. I'm a fun girl and like to have a good time. The stories...

I have two kids who are both out of the house and living their lives, which just leaves me, hubby, and the occasional hunky bull. I used to teach sixth grade science, but am now a stay at home MILF that absolutely loves younger guys and making hubby into a cute little...


Hummmmmmmm, I'll need some time to think of one (sorry). However, I will say pretty much any and everything turns me on!


28 year old who loves chatting and exploring what can happen. I find lush to be a place to run to when the world gets stressful and hard. I often find myself being myself more on here, so ask aways and let's have some fun.

Yahoo Messenger - tf5891
KIK - firefighter_57
Skype asher.57

Hi everyone. I really enjoy the stories on here. I also enjoy chatting with different folks on here and hearing about their desires, fantasies, etc. One cannot have too many friends.

I am an 18 year old black girl. Barely been touched. I want a sugar daddy who doesn't mind giving me money. I'm into older white men also.