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Hey my name is Skyler but i go by sky i'm 25 and i'm bi. I love 4 wheeling and dirt bikes. Love camping and just being around nature. Im very outgoing and am willing to do almost anything to have a good time

wide variety of things u can e-mail or IM me

In a relationship but love to come here to read, visit and play a little. No, I don't have a webcam, and no, I won't give out pictures except the couple of snapshots of Bob and me that I posted on my image part. No, the girl on the car isn't me, but Bob loves that picture and says it looks like mi...

I like reading lots of smutty, taboo stories. I like watching porno; been watching it since I was a kid.

I am new to crossdressing, but I love the feel and excitment of tight fitting, especially latex and spandex, women's clothes. I enjoy reading the stories on here and I hope to have a good crossdressing story soon.

Send me a message or chat with me, I don't bite;)

If I dont want to chat at the moment then I wont....dont be offended.just know that iam not in the mood at that moment :)

I am Just getting started here, and I have enjoyed myself everytime I come here. I am very much in to other girls, But nice guys still rock too. I love my sex toys! Kisses

one note at a time - life is too short