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Born in So Cal, moved to Washington for school. Straight but being spanked by a woman turns me to a hot mess. Currently single but NOT looking.

Bellingham , Washington

I'm 44 Years old with Red Hair, Blue Eyes, I'm 5'8" tall and weigh in at 175lbs. I was Born in Augsburg, Germany in the State of Bavaria. My family hails from Queens, N.Y. City. In 1976 we moved to Oak Harbor, Washington State. Moved to Blaine, WA in 1984. Graduated Blaine Senior High School in 1990...

Bothell, Washington

Bothell, Washington

Bremerton, Washington

Hey my name is Jacob. I am a 19 year old male living in Washington. I come here to read and chat. I am very sexually active and not really looking to settle down yet. Feel free to send me a message when ever. I am an open book and have very few to no secrets. I DON'T CAM. I choose to get to know a p...

In a bad relationship looking to get out.

Bremerton, Washington

Central, Washington

Centralia, Washington

Chelan, Washington

Love reading all the hot stories here, and hope to meet some new,sexy friends.Iam s/w/m 5'11",165 lbs.,blu.,long blonde/white,healthy,fit.

Cheney, Washington

I am single again now and want to see what life has to offer!

Clarkston, Washington

I am a open book. All you have to do is ask the right questions.

Classified, Washington

A student of life, an explorer, traveller and learner of human sexuality. There is lots of things to learn from reading the wonderful stories published here and I'm doing just that. Hope to put my imaginative mind to use soon and put in a few stories of my own.

Coast, Washington

I am not sure just what to tell and what not to share but here goes. If I am boring, please tell me.,

I am 5'4" 36D and weigh between 110 and 112 most of the time.

I love my nice soft tits. They do not bounce, but if I do not have a Bra on and that is the norm for me. They will ...

Covington, Washington

Curves, Washington

Curve every manner. Appreciate the perfection in nature's creation, including the perfection found in the fine art that is woman. I believe that to compliment without acknowledging the importance of honing the fine art of making love (there is a difference between making love and making ...

Hello everyone. Im Genevieve but they call me Vivi. I am in a relationship but I am currently looking for a nice looking black man to satisfy this fine chubby pussy. I wanna know how it feels to have my pussy filled u With a meaty wet dick. Oh fuck im getting horny.

DC, Washington

Married 25 years, wife died six years from an epileptic seizure disorder, proud father of three sons, two oldest are officers in the military, youngest completing college in the Spring. Former college football lineman, disabling knee injury destroyed hope of professional career or military service. ...

DC, Washington

DC professional who is passionate about my job but appreciative of opportunities to escape the bubble here.

DC, Washington

A mixture of naughty and nice. I like to tease and flirt... and tempt. Sometimes being bad can be oh so good. I like reading erotic stories and chatting with both guys and girls. I like to cyber and roleplay. I'm looking for intelligent and sexy people to chat with and who knows where it might ...

DC, Washington

DC subs, Washington

Newly arrived, I came here circuitously and have been much impressed with the quality of the writing; what I've sampled has been uniformly good. I've written extensively including erotica some of which is posted at another site (xhamster) and can't be reposted here. I can be persuaded to share othe...

I am here to write stories and see if people enjoy them and nothing else. I like to talk to people here or there about stories or their take on things.

I will not ask for pictures. I will never ask to cyber. I won't ask for identifying information. I do some times ask questions about stroke...

Eastern Washington, Washington

Eastside, Washington

Single guy living in the Pacific Northwest. Interested in making new friends here. Although I'm not expecting to meet anyone in person, I'm not opposed to it either. I'm a non-judgmental person, and love learning about experiences others have had that vary greatly from my own. I consider myself ...

Everett, Washington

Everett, Washington

Everett, Washington

Everett, Washington