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Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne , Wyoming

I am a well-educated, discreet professional and a gentleman in every sense of the word. I am most respectful and would be of your boundaries; I am also kind, easy-going, and generous with my time and spirit. I am a college professor, who has traveled the world, lived overseas, and speaks two languag...

Gillette, WY, Wyoming

Home, Wyoming

I am looking to make friends. Feel free to PM me

Jackson, Wyoming

Life is to short not to have lots of fun! So I try to live my sex life like the rest of my life, with lots of passion, compassion, spontaneity, and adventure!

I'm a pretty normal fellow I think. I do have a dark side and I do like kinky stories but for the most part I'm fairly straight forward and cool. I'm a big fan of the female perspective of incest stories, especially the group sex and kinky ones. Watersports anyone?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming

Riding, Wyoming

I'm married, this is my sexy outlet, if that bothers you oh well. I'm looking for friends male and female I can chat with and share fantasies. If you want to know more get to know me, I'd love to share with you.

The Wild West, Wyoming

Im new here... don't know really what to say haha! I like reading the stories and chatting. I'm already tired of random friend and chat requests so, unless I talk to you in a chat room first I probably won't add or chat with you.

And please be from an English speaking country... USA, UK, Au...

The hole in the wall,, Wyoming

Torrington, Wyoming

USA, Wyoming

Wyoming, Wyoming

I'm a freshman at University. I haven't picked a major yet. My roommate showed me this website.

I'm not going to accept any friend requests unless we speak first and if you're a male that could be my father... no... hell no.

Yellowstone area, Wyoming

6'4" tall 260lbs and in my late 50's. Married.

casper, Wyoming

central, Wyoming

Born and raised in the mountains of colorado. I am a cowboy in the summer and run heavy equipment in the winter.

gillette, Wyoming

Love baseball, everything about the game ever. I am currently a college student who is just having a good time getting to know the world. I am not really into any of a kinky kind of sex, except having sex in public places. Always looking to chat with someone, and advice and criticism would be apprec...

Okay out with the manifesto and in with a new. I am very selective and very dedicated (in particular to one female) of and to my friends. If you like sarcastic and irreverent commentary keep reading if you don't then I suggest you move along.

Sarcastic, self assured male, that discovere...

sundance, Wyoming

transgendered female, 20 years old. trying to get somewhere in life and trying to find people I want in my life. I havent begun hormones yet but just treat me like you treat any other woman, its the same I promise. by the way, open to finding a strong Mistress to take control of me as she sees fit.

the Northwest, Wyoming

Those of you who were born the year I stopped working for pay could have voted for or against Pres. Bush. I have always looked younger than my years, and now I look to be about 65. I am a very experienced person in many ways. I was always cursed with a face that was too pretty for a boy or man. ...

wyoming, Wyoming

just another horny guy that likes to read the articles