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I am a 21 year old bi single college student. I should spend more time studying but I love reading erotic stories and also enjoy a nice erotic chat. First experimented with my best friend (started as just kissing) and found an instant connection to girls. Prefer chatting with girls but when the m...

berlin, Wisconsin

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There isn't much to say, I'm a nomad.

But thanks to Lush Stories I have met a beautiful , young , vivacious and extremely obedient sub slave on here. When we can get together it is mind boggling sex!!!!! We just clicked and we had such a chemistry between us and were in 7th heaven when were together. Its hard not seeing each other her...

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Well i don't really say much about myself, So if you want to know just ask

Franklin, Wisconsin

I am into voyeurism, oral, threesomes, being submissive(sometimes), and masturbation. Married to tatumrockwell1981, she loves me, and I love her, but we love to read stories, chat, and both have fantasies involving others.

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I am a married man who jst recently discovered my wifes love for BBC . She does not know that I know this . I have read her diary many times and she updates it about once per month . I have discovered that her love for black men has gone back to when she was a young girl .

Green Bay, Wisconsin

I'm 35 yrs old 5'3 with deep blue eyes, long brown curly hair, 125 lbs, with measurements of 38C-29-39. Have one bi-racial child though an affair with my black boss. Now have a guy who I've just started to date in the last 6 months.

Greenfield, WI, United States, Wisconsin

I married. I secretly cross dress. Delving into the CD world more. Exploring my own sexuality. I am not gay or interested in men but wearing panties, bra and thigh high are exciting for me. I am tall slightly overweight. I have naturally enlarged breasts nicely filling a 40B cup.

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Hi Everyone! My name is Amanda and I am born and raised in Wisconsin. I like to read, write, talk about random things, sing, hanging with friends, fashion, lots of other things. I am very self conscious. People tell me I'm pretty but I just don't see it. I like Unicorns, Purple Pandas, and anything ...

In a feminine/sexy dress, Wisconsin

Uh... hehe - a little too much to say here. You'll just have to chat with me and find things out @};-

Inside something HOT, Wisconsin

I've always enjoyed being outside and no matter what type of weather so I chose construction as my path in life. I've done some work for a few very talented people around the Nashville area, which is one of the coolest things I've done. I joined the fire department when I was 19 and have been an off...

Juda, Wisconsin

I'm a lifelong sissy. I like to dress in skimpy girly clothes and drive around so people can see what a sissy I am. Lately, I've been getting better at blow jobs. Although I advertise two holes, I really like sucking dick more than anything else in the whole wide world.

If you live in nort...

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We met here on Lush in Jan. 2010, since then fell in love and now living together!!!!

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin

36/m, I live in Wisconsin, travel a lot for work...

62 year old, while male. Upper Management for a Division of a a Major Japanese Corporation. Traveled extensively in my career throughout the US and several countries. Speak some German. heterosexual. articulate, well read, slightly sarcastic, irreverent personality. Sexually adventurous