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Greenfield, WI, United States, Wisconsin

I married. I secretly cross dress. Delving into the CD world more. Exploring my own sexuality. I am not gay or interested in men but wearing panties, bra and thigh high are exciting for me. I am tall slightly overweight. I have naturally enlarged breasts nicely filling a 40B cup.

I travel for work, Wisconsin

In My Head, Wisconsin

Hi Everyone! My name is Amanda and I am born and raised in Wisconsin. I like to read, write, talk about random things, sing, hanging with friends, fashion, lots of other things. I am very self conscious. People tell me I'm pretty but I just don't see it. I like Unicorns, Purple Pandas, and anything ...

In a feminine/sexy dress, Wisconsin

Uh... hehe - a little too much to say here. You'll just have to chat with me and find things out @};-

Inside something HOT, Wisconsin

I've always enjoyed being outside and no matter what type of weather so I chose construction as my path in life. I joined the fire department when I was 19 and have been an officer for the last 25 years.

Juda, Wisconsin

I'm a lifelong sissy. I like to dress in skimpy girly clothes and drive around so people can see what a sissy I am. Lately, I've been getting better at blow jobs. Although I advertise two holes, I really like sucking dick more than anything else in the whole wide world.

If you live in nort...

Kaukauna, Wisconsin

We met here on Lush in Jan. 2010, since then fell in love and now living together!!!!

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin

36/m, I live in Wisconsin, travel a lot for work...

62 year old, while male. Upper Management for a Division of a a Major Japanese Corporation. Traveled extensively in my career throughout the US and several countries. Speak some German. heterosexual. articulate, well read, slightly sarcastic, irreverent personality. Sexually adventurous

La Crosse, Wi, Wisconsin

MADISON, Wisconsin

I am a student with a naughty streak. When I let my imagination free and my hands fleece the keys I often find myself in the world of BDSM, Interracial love or Romance. I also pen stories about same sex relationships as I have been curious but never brave enough to try a full fledged one. When I am...

Madison, Wisconsin

I've been visiting Lush for years, and now that I am single again, I thought I would actually join to see if I could meet some interesting people. I find myself drawn to a lot of exhibitionist and first time stories. The stories I enjoy the most are the ones that are well written, and have some shr...

Madison, Wisconsin

sweet innocent gurl looking for friends and fun

I am an average guy trying to maintain a grind of ho-hum work a day life. Lookinbg to this place for a little relaxation and down time.

Madison, Wisconsin

I am a college student looking forward to learning new things and enjoying my FREEDOM! I haven't picked a major yet but leaning towards art history and literature.

Madison, Wisconsin

I'm just what you see. Happy and making the world a better place

Madison, Wisconsin

Just another car nut, always have been, always will be. Spend a lot of time in the garage after I get home from working in a dealership garage. What can I say?

Madison WIS, Wisconsin

Madtown, baby!, Wisconsin

Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

I'm a Guy Who Reads!