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Milwaukee , Wisconsin

I'm Ashley, although I usually just go by Ash. I'm 18 and newly single so I guess I'm just here to chat with new people since the pool of same-sex oriented girls in my area is rather small lol. I'll chat with guys as long as you're not a total tool bag but if you try hitting on me, make sure you are...

Milwaukee, Wi, Wisconsin

Just a lurker for now. Love reading the stories. Married but looking for an oral relationship (with a female LOL, there seems to be some confusion).

I am always horny and love to cross dress when ever I can. I love to give pleasure to everyone I am with. It also gives me great pleasure to be sucking slowly on a beautiful cock. Cum is my favoriate dessert. How can I help you out? I am married and wife is not aware of my desires. I am a littl...

Milwaulkee, Wisconsin

um.. I like anal or oral and toys and i even like rough sex i really like reading stories about lesbians.

Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Well I love lushstories, been a member for about 3 years but recently got my account stolen :/ anyway, I love to cook, read, and have long walks on the beach in moonlight ;P lmao but seriously I would love to become a chef. I read Nicholas Sparks books and watch chick flicks religiously hahaa. I lov...

Minnesota, Wisconsin

It isn't until I write things like this that I realize how truly boring I am. The thing is, I know who I am. I know my likes and my dislikes. But the idea behind writing this bit is meeting new people, and some people might appreciate that my favorite cereal is Fruit Loops and that I'm a firm believ...

N/A, Wisconsin

Near Lake Superior, Wisconsin

Near Madison WI, Wisconsin

North, Wisconsin

Living on a farm in northern Wi is not a easy way to get your gay on! Anymore I'm not much into the city seen. Mostly I'm attracted to red necks or 1/2 retared farm hands : ) like myself that know how to play in the mud. Anything with a moter is a turn me rock hard (like a Chevy) sorry anyway lov ...

North Central, Wisconsin

North Western, Wisconsin

Nowhere to be seen, Wisconsin

im a free spirited person i will try everything a few times or more. i have two jobs, one is security at a bar and the other is working in my shop. i also am a part time student. there are only a few things sexually that i won't do or don't like other than those i WILL try everything once!

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

PDC, Wisconsin

Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Grew up on a farm in South Dakota, moved to Wisconsin after getting married. I have travelled all over the United States for work, but eventually settled here, close to my wife's family.

I haven't written any stories yet, but enjoy reading the submissions on this site. May eventually writ...

Shy lonely woman living out in the country. Maybe that's why I'm here. I enjoy reading the stories and poetry here. Posting every now and then in the forums.

*Poetry is a passion of mine*
Here are a few of my favorites.

'Poetry Has A Sensitive Heart' -


Rural Town, Wisconsin

I'm a friendly and fun girl with a passion for writing. Everything I write is based off of my own fantasies and desires. Some will be based on true events, though I won't specify which ones. I'm very open minded and love to chat and meet new people. I, also, enjoy writing science fictional stories, ...

SE WI, Wisconsin

Hate talking about myself. I'd rather learn about others. I'm just your average curious horny guy. I do love the outdoors, going hiking,backpacking and anything that gets me out of the house. My favorite places are the mountians. Growing up in California I spent a lot of time in the mountains and th...

SE Wisconsin, Wisconsin

Hello ladies - and thanks for taking the time to read my profile. I am a full blooded Italian that enjoys spending time on the water and being outdoors. Avid volleyball player and cycler. Easy to converse with. I like normal conversations - finding out what makes people tick - along with convers...

Sexcity, Wisconsin

I'm a stud with 6 inch cock, and horny. I like oral sex, anything kinky too and if you have question don't be shy. Love talking in private chat!

Got my degree, got a job, and now looking for some fun.

Small Town USA, Wisconsin

I'm sarcastic, funny (well, I try to be), happy most of the time and I like to flirt with both Gals and Guys! I appear completely masculine, macho and dominant. I still lack a special, close friendship that I crave...

I am married & we are also business partners. My sexual orientation is 'B...

Somerset, Wisconsin