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There is not a whole lot about me to say. I just like to think up stories. Being creative in that sense ensures that I am never bored when it comes to masturbation as I know some of my friends say do. Also, all of my stories are fictitious.

I like to read all kinds of stories. If you want to chat or something feel free to msg me.

I'm an aspiring writer, currently writing a novel. I have a habit of retracting myself from reality and currling up in a ball in my imagination. I have to say I am a bit of an incest nerd when it comes to lush stories.

I've not really written anything yet ! I would love to try my hand at it (thanks to Lucky) my favorite author , I actually have a story in the works !?hope to share it soon!

I am a 28 year old male who finds coming to lush a sweet release by reading and chatting with new people. I love incest because I have a long history in this area from personal experience. Ladies and Gents please send me a chat request as I love to share and also enjoy getting kinky via cyber as we...

Hmm. Currently, I am 21 years old. I've never known my father and I pretty much grew up with out my four older brothers. I don't even have pictures of my father or anything. My mom refused to date anyone while I was growing up so I never really had a father in my life. I may or may not write anythi...

I am just a simple girl with a curious side

39 yr old Lesbian who enjoys sex..I can be both Femme and Dom..Prefer to be Femme..Love pleasing beautiful women

I was a wet nurse for over forty years

I am not really good at writing stories even though I do have a very vivid imagination!

Ok first of all, guys back the fuck off... I DONT WANT TO CYBER WITH YOU..... IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO CYBER GET YOUR FUCKING LONELY ASS UP THE CHAIR AND GET A DATE.. I Love girls.... i have a girlfriend of 4 years, ok you may be thinking what am i doing here when i have a gf.... well i love meeting ne...

Masters degree in the sciences. Love to travel. Working on alternate energy solutions...change the world stuff. Phd in life experience but in need of much more training. Loves nudity, sex and those interested in expanding and exploring possibilities.

Am here because I like to read the stories and learn things about sex. Love to chat so dont be afraid to hit me up.