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In a relationship but love to come here to read, visit and play a little. No, I don't have a webcam, and no, I won't give out pictures except the couple of snapshots of Bob and me that I posted on my image part. No, the girl on the car isn't me, but Bob loves that picture and says it looks like mi...

I like reading lots of smutty, taboo stories. I like watching porno; been watching it since I was a kid.

I am new to crossdressing, but I love the feel and excitment of tight fitting, especially latex and spandex, women's clothes. I enjoy reading the stories on here and I hope to have a good crossdressing story soon.

Send me a message or chat with me, I don't bite;)

If I dont want to chat at the moment then I wont....dont be offended.just know that iam not in the mood at that moment :)

I am Just getting started here, and I have enjoyed myself everytime I come here. I am very much in to other girls, But nice guys still rock too. I love my sex toys! Kisses

one note at a time - life is too short

Hmm.. What to say what to say... I'm a fairly complex person. There's more to me than meets the eye. I'm passionate about life. I love to make people smile. I'm funny (if I do say so myself).

hi everyone im here for mostly women, im more into them then guys so please relax with all the adds boys. im very outgoing hoping to go farther with a woman and i am into incest or fantasy wise and i love to hear stories of girls doing it.

Love to read the sexy stories. Thank you everybody for taking the and writing them. I go to school I am a nontraditional (agewise) student.I plan on using my degree in the health field. I have boxed for alot of years and train my own boxers now as well being a personal trainer.

On a hot summers day we head down to the beach to see the sun rise wash over the clear blue waters. As we lay near the edge of the water naked, the waves wash over our legs. Feeling the cool water moving over me I move closer to you. I lean up and kiss your neck and whisper how much you mean to me. ...

I love Anal, BDSM, Incest and wife slut stories

If you dont read this and ask me what Im into, I will ignore you

well am hispanic and i love sex and sex is my addication, my lil secret, even from husband, my mind is my own playground and i can come up with crazy fantasys of my own. BUT HAS WELL I HAVE A LIFE STORY WHICH I WOULD LOVE TO TELL. LONG STORY BUT A LIFE I WONT CHANGE!!

Grew up on a farm and went marine, been here 4 years n its been great

new to lush, i love reading all storie but im really into brother and sister incest. hoping to make some new friends.

I am a 26 year old female. I am a bisexual and have been told I have an addiction to sex. I love reading the stories posted on here-mostly group sex, straightsex, lesbian, and anal. I'm not really a writer but sometimes I write down my very vivid dreams or an experience I just can't get out of my he...

I am a 5 ft 5 n half in., blue eyes, brownish red hair, large breasts, smaller waist, ample behind. I have 7 tattoos.

Very quiet person.

I love to meet/talk to random people, just don't be a jackass and its all good. i'm 18 and just want to have fun, so if you wanna talk, don't hesitate to message me.