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ok so what can i tell you about myself. I love to laugh and have fun. Im an active person. Im 22 years old. I'd tell you what i do for a living but i would have to kill you. lol. I was born in Nebraska, but i have lived all over the world. I enjoy just siting around listing to music or watchin...

gay femme woman who is married to an amazing woman. But come here to get my fix for my freakiness. Love taboo, fetish, kink stories, the nastier the better

I am not a writer. I do enjoy spanking stories, incest stories, and gay/bi/lesbian stories. I am married to a very vanilla woman the I adore and would never leave.

I love bdsm & exhibitionism stories! I still read them all, these are just faves! Haven't written, yet, but someday I hope to!