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Am here because I like to read the stories and learn things about sex. Love to chat so dont be afraid to hit me up.

I love bdsm & exhibitionism stories! I still read them all, these are just faves! Haven't written, yet, but someday I hope to!

My life consist of my son and my husband. My son is 10 years old and my husband is going back to school. I was born in Texas and Now reside in Missouri. I was in the United States Army and was stationed in Denver Colorado. I'm haven't started writing stories again. Iwrote a few before my son ...

I'm looking to have a good time here on this site. I've always visited and I have enjoyed many of the stories so I thought that I would sign up and share some of the stories in my head.

white male, 41, looking for all kinds of tit kink. This is my 1st rodeo in the writing arean, thought I'd give it a shot. Be kind....HA!