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I like to soar high, looking for a prey. I enjoy hunting girls down. Getting them horny to the edge. i love sex, i even think that dayly is not enough. i love seeing gals coming over and over again.

love reading erotic stories, my favorites are of non consent/ reluctance type. sometimes i also read bdsm and getting into it, find it a real turn on. I prefer anime rather than common porn. Please dont bother talk to me if you don't have a profile i can check out!!

I'm 21 years old, a brunette with pretty eyes. I have a bit of a reputation around the UNIMAR campus for being a tease. Every weekend, I'm at the college bar in a low cut top and mini skirt, flirting with every boy I see, getting drunk and giving lap dances to random guys.
I have a thousand kin...


Im not much of a writer, so im here more to read your stories, but who knows maybe someday i get inspired and end up posting something. I have a very playful personality, i love to laugh and talk to people that dont take life too serious, i can be very sarcastic and maybe harsh but thats just til...