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Not a lot to tell... Married and on this site because we all want to add spice to our lives... I enjoy reading the stories and look forward to putting my own online.
I have a fantasy about a girl I call Amanda... Will tell you all about her..
Picture not me but would be of I had a 6 pack...

i was born in sa and migrated 2 zim when i was 14.did a bit of modelling then settled 2 do accounts.m stil at more of a reader tha a writer and im hoplessly romantic.i enjoy a good straight fuck story.





I got kicked out of the Army a year ago; apparently I'm not the kind of officer who wins wars. I'm a young man mature beyond my years, excited by profit, pussy, adventure and love. I can be quite a bit nerdy because I am drawn to the beauty and wonder of all that we perceive around us. I find mysel...