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Blessed with a 'Geek' mind (Mensa member) trapped in a Jock's body (no, I do not mean I wear a kilt) I am able to test my physical body's ability to keep up with my sexual imagination. Old school 'power play' type of guy with the ladies, has a broad interest that stops short of serious BDSM, pain or anything to do with animals. Like many of the other members, I live in a small community where anonimity is an essential element - until I really get to know you.

Sir Licksalot
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whispering conspiratorially in your ear, Bermuda
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19 Apr 2018 20:31
Trekkie (that's the Geek in me), playing squash, football (that's soccer to our American buddies), imperial history and, oddly(?), board games. Does surfing Lush Stories count? Other than that, I am an outrageous flirt that barely conceals my fascination with the female form. Be warned.
Favorite Books:
All time fave is still Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" series, but you can also include classics like E.E. Smith's "Gray Lensman" series.
Favorite Authors:
Always room for Stephen King, Dean Koontz and even Bernard Cornwell.
Favorite Movies:
"Zulu" - awesome guy movie from the 1960's; Arnie classics "Predator" & "Terminator"; Plus a whole host of Sci-Fi classics. Chick flick classics include 'Ghost', 'Titanic' (both old & new versions) and 'Sleepless in Seattle'. More recent faves are 'V' For Vendetta, Taken (OMG), and The Surrogates.
Favorite Music:
Still stuck in (and dancing to) the '80s - Brit dance invasion, not the US soft Rock. Otherwise hear me holler along to Queen, Abba, and my all time fave, the late great Micheal Jackson. My daughter continues to try to bring me up to speed, hence I am aware of the contempory music scene from Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga - I just choose not to learn their lyrics.


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Topic: What's your favorite cookie?
Posted: 31 Jan 2014 06:12

Chocolate Digestives - dark chocolate preferably

Topic: Why aren't you telling your spouse that you frequent sites like Lush?
Posted: 31 Jan 2014 06:10

Well, some of my stories are about cheating and I wouldn't want him to misinterpret. Fantasies are just that, but there's no reason to make it uncomfortable.

Well said Charlotte. My wife knows about Lush and has even read a couple of my tales - but she finds it hard to delineate between my fantasy writings and real life.

Topic: do you believe in God?
Posted: 31 Jan 2014 06:07

Insufficient Data! I believe it's foolish to affirm or deny the existence of something that has not been proven nor dis proven.I do believe however there are things that are beyond our capability of understanding. And yet we keep trying anyway.<img src="/images/emoticons/eusa_wall.gif" alt="Brick wall">

Yeah! What he said. <img src="/images/emoticons/laughing4.gif" alt="laughing3">

Topic: Question for the "straight" guys
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 06:42

The debate about 'gay' or 'not gay' is moot. Explain how an uber straight guy like me would even get a stiffy worth sucking? - assuming I'd even want a dudes gums around my plums!!
<img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow">

Topic: pregnant girls
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 06:38

preggie sex? Really? <img src="/images/emoticons/puke.gif" alt="puke">

Love 'em, but not turned on by them

Topic: Sexual harassment at work
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 06:35

I think it used to be called 'flirting' when I was young and hot enough to attract that kind of attention and I certainly did not mind it. The more mature ladies were always getting a kick out of making me blush and I even got propositioned a few times - especially at Xmas parties. Aah, good days.

Political correctness seems to have killed all that off. (release the dogs!!)

Topic: Cock Rings
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 06:29

Hmmm! Never thought about it. Maybe I should invest in one. <img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow">

Topic: Do you shave your cock clean? When did you start?
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 06:27

Started about a year or so ago to keep the area well trimmed - stops the hairs tickling the wife's nose. Too scared to shave proper and the idea of 'waxing' just brings tears to my eyes!!

<img src="/images/emoticons/bootyshake.gif" alt="bootyshake">

Topic: Why did he cum so fast?
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 06:23

I guess it's the same reason women can come fast when they get oral or any other pleasure. Sometimes people are just so turned on they can't help themselves. It also helps if the person giving them pleasure is good at it, as you say you are. Now, I'd be pleased if I could make a guy come fast, because I know I did the job well, but also sad, because I love sucking cock. Hopefully he can withstand still getting it sucked on even after he came.

Totally the best answer. <img src="/images/emoticons/binkybaby.gif" alt="binky">

Topic: Fisting - turn on?
Posted: 01 Oct 2013 06:20

Was not originally on my 'sex radar', however, I very carefully and slowly fisted my incredibly excited wife one experimental evening and it was amazing. She had the most amazing multiple orgasms. Glad we tried it. Definite turn on.

It is not something we do all the time, but it is part of our repetoire. Keep it fresh and keep it real.

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The Caregiver

Emma had never been likely to make the ‘honour roll’ at school, preferring instead to take the easy path offered her by her stunning good looks to allow the ‘geeks’ to do her homework and assignments in exchange for the privilege of being merely acknowledged by her at school. However, that sort of work ethic was never going to get her a scholarship and, given that her working class heritage...

Added 24 Apr 2012 | Category Reluctance | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.6 | Views 22,031 | 4 Comments

Editor's Pick Kathy’s Dilemma

Mrs. Kathleen Mary Thomson (Kathy to all who knew her), a trim 39 years young, mother of two girls and a manager at a financial services firm, leaned against the door jamb of the office tea room holding her thermos mug in her right hand whilst using the other to tuck her long, lustrous, flaming red hair back behind her left ear. She could not help but smile at the furtive...

Added 17 Nov 2010 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 51,913 | 10 Comments

Tales From Helena Ch 4

As Staci reviewed the details for her next appointment, she couldn’t resist looking down her long, slender, tanned legs to what she considered her ultimate demonstration of how she had finally turned the corner. Gleaming up at her from her dainty (euro) size 36 feet were her first ever pair of “Jimmy Choo” shoes. The beautifully sculpted, 4 inch heeled, Amada leather peep-toe pumps made her...

Added 19 Aug 2010 | Category Reluctance | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 8,119 | 2 Comments

Tales From Helena Ch 03

The third chapter exploring the fictional (mis)adventures of two young women who, for their own reasons, had decided to work as an independent Escort for hire. Please read the previous chapters first to fully appreciate this next installment. *********** Rachel was furious. After all she had said, Staci, her best friend, had ignored her advice and had booked an appointment to see a new...

Added 23 Apr 2010 | Category Reluctance | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,032 | 2 Comments


Alissa, or Ali as she likes to be called, was wracked with guilt. After more than 20 wonderful, loyal years as a married woman she had betrayed her husband, James, twice, within a month, with the same man, Dan, a former client. The last time had been barely three days ago. She could not even understand the how or the why she had allowed herself to succumb to her need for attention. Was...

Added 01 Mar 2010 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 7,284 | 4 Comments

Tales From Helena Ch 02

Upon reflection, Rachel was amazed at how quickly her best friend, Staci, had embraced the concept of becoming an Escort for hire. True, the web-site disclaimers spouted on about how the client only ‘paid for the time and companionship’ of an escort and how everything else was a matter between ‘consenting adults’, but the truth was abundantly clear. The men, and occasional women, who pay...

Added 25 Feb 2010 | Category Reluctance | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 7,675 | 4 Comments

Tales From Helena Ch 01

Rachel looked down at her best friend, Staci, and wondered just what could have happened to have reduced her to this gibbering emotional wreck. She placed the two cups of tea down on the table and then sat beside her on the sofa, wanting to console her but not knowing where to begin. “Staci, calm down will ya! Tell me what’s wrong.” “Everything! Fucking everything!” sobbed Staci. ...

Added 17 Feb 2010 | Category Reluctance | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.43 | Views 8,328 | 3 Comments

Ali Oops

This is a continuation from earlier submissions – “Crossing the Line” and “Massage Therapy”, with my adopted heroine forced to face some tough choices.   James couldn’t focus on the tasks requiring his attention at work. He was too distracted by recent events at home and trying to decide if he should confront his wife of 20 years, Alissa, with his concerns. “Well,” he thought...

Added 24 Nov 2009 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 8,351 | 3 Comments

Massage Therapy

This is a spin-off storyline from an earlier submission – “Crossing the Line”, with my adopted heroine re-defining her limits.   Alissa, or Ali as she likes to be called, is a modern day enigma, a person hard to understand or explain, inscrutable and definitely mysterious. The public image is one of propriety. At 41 years of age she has been married to her husband, James, for 20...

Added 30 Sep 2009 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 14,209 | 7 Comments

Pushing The Envelope - Part 2

A follow-up tale that mixes a lot of true life experiences with a touch of fantasy. Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m a male pig, apparently with canine genealogy, who totally lacks the sensitivity needed to understand a woman’s plight post-pregnancy. At least that is how I was portrayed by my wife, LeAnn, when trying to help her lose some extra weight so that we might be able to help her...

Added 24 Sep 2009 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 6,682 | 4 Comments

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