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Topic married friends?
Posted 16 Sep 2012 00:10

well in all honesty neither wants to be with the other she introduces me as her girlfriend and hes my frind and he introduces me as his wife and her as my friend they dont want to split up because of thier son but both have made it clear they each want me and think this will work best for all three but i have my doubts ....

Topic married friends?
Posted 11 Sep 2012 01:43

would you have a threesome with a married couple that are friends of yours? or an ongoing threeway relationship with a married couple?

Topic how many guys like a bigger girl
Posted 04 Apr 2012 21:09

I am not saying bigger gals are not capable of these things but if a plumper woman told me to slim down I would most likely pause, try not to be too mean and tell her she has a piece of pizza stuck in her teeth... Women who are fit are this way because they ask for the sauce on the side, they don't eat fried food too often, they ask for the brown rice, they don't get the sushi with mayonnaise on it, etc. This ALL takes will power. And don't forget the walks and exercise. Now my point was that being fit requires a lot of effort, sometimes these women put this much effort into all aspects of their lives. THAT is very attractive.

That is great that many guys turn their head to look at you (maybe you got a certain je ne sais quoi like Martha). I wasn't saying that men don't look. BUT if we can take magazines, movies, TV, fashion and the internet as an indicator of the type of women men prefer (and lesbians) it most definitely is not overweight women.

Also, I have a hard time relying on the source of your research... You say you see men look at you all the freakin time and not at the skinny girls? I mean do you sit there looking at the guy that checked you to see if he looks at the skinny girls too? How can you come to that conclusion?

Also, don't confuse skinny with fit. They are not the same thing. I mean that is kinda insulting too, I didn't call full figured women fat.

Um I am a full figured woman and most of my friends are thin and fit and a lot of them aren't that way because they order sauce on the side I promise you some of these girls could out eat me and my two brothers without a thought. I'm a fat chick but I'm in shape and I don't eat fried food and I don't eat sushi with mayonaise. And I agree with pixie I have guys checking me out all the time and I'm not saying but a lot of them don't look over and the skinny thin fit girl as do a lot of bi and lesbian girls. The guy I'm dating is a skinny muscular guy and he prefers bigger girls. I've seen plenty of the girls you say are the kind guy want try and get with him and he turned them down. There are plenty of guy and girls alike who prefer thicker girls. You can't say its about capabilities or media fed thoughts. People like what they like. It is about preference. Honestly my preference isn't skinny guys I like bigger guys but I fell for his personality while he fell for my body he know loves everything about me as I do him. I have been with multiple guys who would prefer being with me (a thicker full figured "fat" girl) rather than a skinny fit girl.

Topic threesome with an ex?
Posted 06 Mar 2012 11:57

My ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend called me asking if I would have a threesome with them. Cuz I had asked him while we were together if he would like to do one.

I am currently with someone so I told them id have to talk to him first. He told me he was okay with it. But we both agreed on no vaginal sex with my ex during it.

I told my ex this and he said there was no point but his girlfriend. Still wants to do it and me and her talked and and I told her I was willing for anything else and she agreed there were still plenty he could do with me.

My question is was it wrong of me to say no to that? Any advise is helpful as well

Topic Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 05 Mar 2012 11:41

As a chick I just wanna say watching a guy jack off is amazing and such a huge turn on

Topic what do you guys do with it?
Posted 05 Mar 2012 11:21

When I'm with my playmate he does that main while we are around his family but then if we are in bed watching a movie or something he does it to and it give me very easy access to the head so I can tease it while we watch the movie

Topic Ladies. Have you ever
Posted 04 Mar 2012 13:27

I do that alot. I love knowing a guys turned on cuz of me but I usually always finish him.
I will intentionally give a guy blue balls if he makes me mad but its usually ill start giving him head and then just get up and turn on the tv.

Topic Now try your name and see what it is
Posted 04 Mar 2012 12:51

M - makes dating fun
E - has gorgeous eyes
R - good girlfriend
C - good kisser
Y - loved by everyone

Topic Is this a tough choice ?
Posted 04 Mar 2012 00:24

Honestly the first guy looks arent a big deal but passion intimacy and sex are what keep relatonships strong not cash and good looks

Topic Having a man or a woman bite you?
Posted 03 Mar 2012 23:21

I love biting I have bit hard enough to draw blood and I've been bitten hard enough to draw blood. For me it was a very pleasurable experience especially in the middle of a sexual act its very intense and I when they draw blood I like being bitten on my shoulder and hip I have had blood drawn for around my nipples and it was a much sharper pain but still pleasurable and stayed sore for weeks. Playful biting tho I enjoy everywhere my nipples clit ribs and collarbone are major ones as well as my thighs and ass

Topic a womans figure in question
Posted 03 Mar 2012 22:52

I am who I am and I'm happy being me.bootyshake

I love hearing that. That's how all women should feel.

Topic a womans figure in question
Posted 03 Mar 2012 22:51

I just don't understand the misconception in some guys that all women want to be skinny

I'm not skinny but I love my body. And there are guys and girls alike that seem to enjoy it as well

Topic Cock sucking
Posted 03 Mar 2012 19:30

I love it! I love being able to control his pleasure and love when he cums in mouth its like my proof he really enjoys it

Topic Masturbation: How much is too much
Posted 03 Mar 2012 19:25

I honestly love watching a guy jack off or having him jack off and cum on me or me playing with him while does its a huge turn on for me even if I'm not there I love getting a random text from my SO saying he's rubbing his dick but if it comes down to he can't perform with me then its too much

Topic Cumming on a woman...?
Posted 03 Mar 2012 19:17

I love when my SO cums on me or in me. I love it in my mouth as well as on my tits and tummy and when he does cum on me he lick it off so I get to watch him shoot and watch him lick it off I absolutely love it and he know it

Topic seeking a mistress
Posted 03 Mar 2012 19:09

Welcome to the site.

If you are looking for a mistress in real life, you're better off going to a site like .

People generally come here to read stories, participate in the forums, or for a casual chat in the chat rooms.

She's right its a very good site for dominatrix and bdsm interests

Topic a womans figure in question
Posted 03 Mar 2012 18:58

I saw a post in the guys forum that made me wonder about a womans figure.

I'm a size fifteen and fairly fit. I have large breasts and wide hips but relativly small waist in comparison. And I'm very happy with my body as it is.

My question is what do you think of your figure and what figure would most want to have?

I honestly think full figure women are gorgeous I love a woman with curves but I know plenty of thin petite girls who are just as beautiful.

Topic fantasies
Posted 03 Mar 2012 12:38

well I'm already doing that ... I need something new

Topic Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted 03 Mar 2012 12:27

I love waking my SO up with a blow job especailly when I go over to his apartment in the middle of the day and he's asleep. It usually means he's had a rough day and he sleeps naked once in a while in boxers so its very easy and he always seems to enjoy it

Topic Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted 03 Mar 2012 12:24

My SO kisses me after he cums and goes down on me after he cums in me oral is usually the only way I get off and he knows how much I love for him to go down on me afterwards so we are both very happy with it

Topic fantasies
Posted 02 Mar 2012 18:53

What are some of your favorite fantasies? Or just special things a girl can do for you?

Topic help?
Posted 01 Mar 2012 14:07

I used to shave my pubic area into a little triangle but ended up shaving it all off and have kept it that way because it feels better to me but I already have very sensitive skin and that being a sensitive area even though I use lotions and oils after shaving I stil break out with small red razor bumbs after a day or two. So what I'm asking for help with is if anyone knows anything that would be helpful?