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I'm a 40-something curvy BBW. I have the best of both worlds. I've been married to a hottie for 20 years and we swing. Many of the pictures that you'll see on my profile are of me.

I started writing erotica in 2012, but got busy with life and living and put writing on hold. Wrting has been calling to me, so I've decided to really jump in and actually get some books published this year.

Want to know more? Just ask me.

Mercy Bordeaux
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23 Jun 2018 01:09
Besides movies and reading I love SEX! Otherwise, I don't think I would be here
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Too many to name.
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Ruby Shae, Karen Moning, Terry Goodkind, Selena Kitt, and many others
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The Rundown
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I Love Lucy
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Topic: Please Check Out My New Story - Lover's Beach
Posted: 20 Jan 2015 20:10

I've got a story in the competition. Please check it out and vote as you see fit.



Topic: What's on your sexual bucket list?
Posted: 19 Jan 2015 20:47

I still want a DP. I'd kind of given up that dream for a while, but yeah. It's still here.

I've pretty much done everything else. Oh, wait. I really, really want some play time with a girls who's just as in to me as I am in to her.

New!!! Lover's Beach !


Topic: What is a Good Masturbation Worthy Type of Story?
Posted: 09 Jan 2015 22:44

Engagement is the key - this doesn't have to be through complex plot or character development - you're writing short stories here. Why bother telling the reader the girl was "blonde, 5'6 and slim" when none of those have any bearing on what's going to happen in the story? Also your reader may not find her attractive now and might start to lose engagement. If she's a shy girl and that's pertinent to the story, that's how you need to lead.

"She was a quiet girl, the kind of girl who wore kirby grips." On its own, as a description, that statement is pretty meaningless but hopefully it's enough lure to hook the reader in to want to know more. You have to give the reader just enough to make them fill in the blanks with their imagination. If they don't have to imagine anything, they won't.

There are more threads like this in the Ask the reader and Ask the author section of the forum

On another note, your forum sig pic is way too large. They shouldn't be more than 150px in height.

Thank you for the feedback!! Much appreciated :)

Topic: What is a Good Masturbation Worthy Type of Story?
Posted: 09 Jan 2015 22:42

That actually happened to me in the Canary Islands, except we went back to my apartment to fuck, lol.

HOT! Would love for something like that to happen at least once :)

Topic: Is there another story category you'd like to have on Lush?
Posted: 09 Jan 2015 22:38

Shapeshifter is a category that I was looking for. That's a genre in itself. I know you'd probably consider that to be a part of the sci-fi category, but I think it's a popular enough genre to warrant it's own category.

Topic: GPOY ~ Gratuitous Picture of Yourself
Posted: 08 Jan 2015 19:44


Don't know why that one was sideways.

Topic: What is a Good Masturbation Worthy Type of Story?
Posted: 08 Jan 2015 19:32

Buildup, believability, and pertinent details that pull the reader into the moment. Character development, background, reasons for meeting ate all important. It's not just about bumping into the guy at the grocery store and fucking him in the bathroom...

Oh! Great idea for a story! lol

Seriously. Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.

Topic: GPOY ~ Gratuitous Picture of Yourself
Posted: 08 Jan 2015 19:30

If you're not afraid, post a pic of yourself. Let's put a face to the name. BTW the pic in my signature is all me.


Topic: Teen/20 Something or DILF?
Posted: 08 Jan 2015 19:26

Do you like the younger guys are the older guys?

Topic: What is a Good Masturbation Worthy Type of Story?
Posted: 08 Jan 2015 19:16

I want a long build up. I want to "be there" with them, be able to visualise them.
Most importantly for me is, I want to know what they are thinking.
Lastly, the sex should be believable. Not a guy with a two foot cock who can jackhammer for ten hours and cums by the gallon.

I wholeheartedly agree!!

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Stories Published By MercyB All Stories »

Lover's Beach

The temperature was perfect! My hand leisurely slid over my not-so-flat stomach as I began to coat my body with sunscreen. The breeze lightly blew warm tendrils all over my body, increasing the electric pulse that I could feel building deep within me. For the third time that morning I stole a glance at him. He lay on a lounge chair, face up, with a straw hat covering his face. His body...

Added 19 Jan 2015 | Category Love Stories | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 6,430 | 6 Comments

Office Quickies - A Nice Surprise

My heart was beating a little faster. My palms were a little damp. Keith Marshall had been looking right at me before I ducked my head below the cubical wall again. I had been working for the Healthcare Services Corporation as the Communications Manager for a little over two months, and though the corporate building held over 400 employees, I thought there very few cuties at the company. I...

Added 08 Jan 2015 | Category Office Sex | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 29,416 | 13 Comments

New Year's Sex

It was New Year’s Day and I knew no one would be at the laundry mat. Last night had been a bust. I had gotten stood up for the New Year’s Eve party and because my date was my ride, the night ended with me toasting myself with the little bit of hard cider that I had in the fridge. I didn’t seem to have much luck in the dating department lately. Don’t get me wrong! I have gone on plenty...

Added 02 Jan 2015 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 8 | Avg Score 5 | Views 14,989 | 8 Comments

Weekend Surprise - Part One

The long day was finally over and it was Friday. The entireweek was a tough one and I was glad that I could finally just relax at home and do nothing. That is, if my children didn’t demand too much of my attention. My kids were fifteen and eleven years old and usually a real joy to be around. Today, though, I just wanted to veg. “Bye, Frank.” Wearily I waved to the night security guard as...

Added 16 Apr 2012 | Category Group Sex | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.63 | Views 8,318 | 13 Comments

Dovetailing - A Sexual Encounter

Karen Shipley had attended a sex toy party at her friend Anabel’s house about a month ago. Not only was she sold on several of the products that the consultant displayed that night, but she also decided to become an independent consultant. Karen’s husband, Mark, was a little surprised that she wanted to do this, but he knew that it was important to her to have her own spending money....

Added 09 Apr 2012 | Category Toys | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.43 | Views 8,951 | 4 Comments

After The Party Next Door

It had been two weeks since the toy party at her neighbor’shouse. Jackie’s neighbor, Anabel, had a toy party that ended with a twist. The mystery lover’s tongue lapping up the dripping juices from her cunt were still playing over and over in her mind. No matter what she threatened Anabel with, her neighbor had promised not to give her secrets away. Jackie still had fleeting moments where...

Added 08 Apr 2012 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 17,837 | 7 Comments

The Party Next Door

Jacqueline, or Jackie as she was called by most, had justgotten home from work. She threw her keys in the bowl by the front door and hung her soaking wet jacket in the nearby closet. Her mind was so tired from the day. Meeting after meeting. It seemed that every Tuesday and Thursday was like this ever since she was promoted to Manager of Talent Acquisition. The leadership staff was asking...

Added 02 Apr 2012 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 33 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 19,087 | 19 Comments

Office Quickies - The Executive

The Premise Justine Baker had been without a man for longer than she could remember. The result? Her only sexual fulfillment came from B.O.B. She thinks that most men are turned off by the confidence that she exudes as an executive at Stanley & Baker, a publishing firm. But, like any other woman, she had needs, and those needs were not the emotional kind but the carnal needs of a woman...

Added 01 Apr 2012 | Category Anal | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 17,425 | 6 Comments

Office Quickies - The Bus Ride In

Every day I saw those deep hazel eyes turn their gaze on me. Eyes that seemed to see beneath the layers of clothing that I wore down to my lace thong and my size DD demi-cup bra. Last Friday, my gaze snapped away from those beautiful eyes as the bus took off and I found myself grabbing on to the bar above me to keep from falling. Just three weeks ago my company started an incentive...

Added 30 Mar 2012 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 32 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 61,471 | 20 Comments

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