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Happy Birthday
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happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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Try for add let's chat soon
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thanks for the add
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See what you made me do to you
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thanks for the add
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Thanks Mia
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Thank you for very much for adding me. Hope we catch each other online sometime soon. Looking forward to talking to you. Sorry I didn't say this much sooner
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thanks for the accept sweety...nice photo collection
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Hello Mia (and friends). This is how much I enjoy your pictures and stories.

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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Thanks for adding me Mia I loved your stories and I cant put into words how much I loved your pictures
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Thanks for the ad, the story and your sexy pic.
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Thx for the add sexy babe!
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Thnaks for the add, chat soon?
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Just stopped by to look at your beautiful pictures and wish you a "Happy New Year"
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can feel my balls bangging off you.
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love your pics very sexy
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hey thanks fot the add! will hafto chat soon
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Thks for adding me.
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Lisa is as nice as she is hot! Nice to chat with you!!
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Thanks for adding me hope to chat with you
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Thanks for the add sexxxxy!
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Thanks for the add!
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Thanks for the add... you're stunning!!

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couldnt be happier to have such a hot sexy friend
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hey thanks a lot for adding me
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Hi Mia, thanks for the acceptance, you are a real beauty, can't wait to eat your pussy and fuck you with my 8 inch hard cock,your images are breath taking and superb and like to talk dirty with you.
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Hi Mia, im thrilled you have accepted nd as a friend. Can't wait to speak xxx
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Hi Mia, im thrilled you have accepted nd as a friend. Can't wait to speak xxx
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Hello Mia! My god it's been such a long time. You're still the sexiest thing god ever put on earth. In fact, I bet you give god a hardon all the time. I would love to have my wife watch me fuck your perfect tight little pussy.
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Just stopped by to see how your side of the U.S. was doing. Hope your having a great week. Had to take time to look at your photo's, WOW, is the best way to put it. :-)
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hiiiiii mia!!
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Mia could not resist the temptation to sit across her father's thighs and to slowly masturbate his lovely cock until her father's cum erupted all over his belly.
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Thanks for the add
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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OVER TO DADDYS: I decided to stay overnight at daddy's: he gets home about 8 pm most nights. I thought I would make dinner for us and have a nice time and then make love and sleep in his arms. I got to daddy's about 7:30 and started making dinner. I like to be dressed kind of casual but sexy for him. I put on a wife beater t-shirt that that was just long enough to cover my ass and pussy and tight enough to show off my body. I look darn good. I heard daddy's car pull up. When the door opened I said hi daddy and gave him a big kiss. I was surprised to see daddy had a business associates with him. Daddy introduced me to him saying " Mia this is Ronald he is going to be staying with us for 3 days a month. He is the representative for a new product to Hawaii." I said " hi Ronald nice to meet you" and Ronald said " It is truly a pleasure to meet you. Your father is so proud of you. And you are even more beautiful than your pictures." Then he leaned over and gave me a hello kiss. Wow!! 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20 Jan 2012 09:14
Real estate Christmas party Everybody that works at this real estate company is bi or gay. All the cutebuttgirls were invited but only Tia, Lisa and Me went . This was the third year for Tia and Me at this is a super wild fun Christmas party. The dress code for this party is sexy to almost naked . I decided to wear red and white I had on my red and white stripe elf hat, red and white striped stockings, red and white lace thong panties and a red tiny see-through teddy. Tia had red stockings with garter belt no panties and a tiny red bra. Lisa had a red Santa Claus hat, red stockings and that's all. We arrived about an hour after the party started. Most of the guys had on Christmas color ball sacks. We were greeted at the door by the hostess Tilly she is a large black lady but very beautiful. Tilly took one look at Lisa and said oh my God you brought an Angel for me and grabbed Lisa and gave her a big kiss. Most of the guests were all standing in a circle in the middle of the room watching something so we joined in watching. Two guys and two girls were having sex. One guy and one girl were doing 69 the other guy was ass fucking him and the other girl was licking his balls. It was really hot. Tilly just couldn't stop looking at Lisa. Just so you know Lisa is so tiny, so sexy, so cute everybody wants her. Lisa's pussy is so wet and she cums fast. Tilly picked up Lisa and laid her on a desk spread her legs and started to eat her. like I said Lisa cums fast about 15 seconds after Tilly started eating Lisa's sweet pussy Lisa came. Not just a little but a gusher Tilly was so excited she screamed she is an angel and started eating her vigorously. Tia started playing with two of the girls and I decided to play with the boys. One guy in particular was a real hunk his ball sack was bulging. I walked over to him and said "hi I'm Mia" and put my hand on his cock. I gave him a nice big tongue kiss as I pulled his cock out of the ball sack. I asked him "are you Bi or Gay" he replied Bi to my delight you know I really love bi guys. I slid my tongue down his entire body until I reached his hard thick cock. I started sucking him, he was so yummy. One of the girls came over laid on the floor between my legs and started eating my pussy. It was really nice. I was really excited and I kept sucking him hard. I could feel his balls tightening up I knew he was going to cum soon so I kept sucking him hard and deep just waiting for his hot load of yummy Cum. He shot his load in my mouth not just one squirt but squirt after squirt of hot creamy yummy Cum. I swallowed about half the load and then decided to cum kiss the girl that was eating my pussy. It was so wonderful we kissed and kissed swapping the cum back and forth between our mouths and then we both gave the guy a nice cum kiss. I noticed standing in the background a really hot guy, younger than most of the guys there. I walked over to him and said hi I'm Mia and kissed him. He said "hi Mia I'm Jim" and he kissed me again. After the kiss I said " I would really love it if you would fuck me" as I removed my teddy top and panties. The young guy said " OMG I must be dreaming" I stroked his already hard cock a few times and then sucked him for a minute or two and then knelt on the floor doggy style so he could start fucking me. He was so gentle he slid the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips teasing me. I wanted him inside me so I slammed my pussy hard against his cock forcing it deep into my pussy. It was so nice, he was so hard, but then he exploded a giant load of hot creamy cum blasted into my pussy it felt so good. I said "baby I love it don't stop fucking me. Pound me baby pound me " it was so wonderful I came and came and came the combination of his cum and my cum was running out of my pussy. He shouted, I'm Cumming I'm Cumming I jumped up slammed his beautiful cock down my throat just as he exploded for the second time this time in my mouth it was so yummy, creamy and hot. I sucked him dry and then we kissed and kissed and kissed. The party went on for another three hours and Tia, Lisa and me had fun with almost everybody at the party. But at the end of the night I needed to have Jim one more time. I invited him to come home with me to spend the night with Lisa and me. And he agreed to come we hurried him out into the limo, he was naked Lisa and I sucked his cock all the way home. What happened at home is another story. Mia.
14 Jan 2012 09:38
Thanks for the add, we look foward to chatting with you
10 Dec 2011 10:24

Mia Mia Mia
09 Dec 2011 18:56

23 Oct 2011 09:18
hi sexy miss ur super body and ur naughtyness

21 Oct 2011 06:10

Mia's dream date:

17 Oct 2011 06:30
Wow, love your Wall.....
20 Aug 2011 15:43

I adore your hot stories! You make me want to oil your body all over and fuck you deeply, like the picture above.
20 Aug 2011 11:25
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15 Aug 2011 14:54
hi dear thanks for commint on my pics
15 Aug 2011 00:45
hye mia
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thanks or the add Mia,
30 Apr 2011 21:55
thanks for the add, Mia
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Thanks for the add. You and your friends are great
16 Feb 2011 08:40
Happy Holidays Mia. I see you have been having a lot of fun this year, and I hope you continue to have more and more fun here. Take care and have a great holiday season!
24 Dec 2010 11:27
thanks for the add mia hope to talk soon!!!
20 Dec 2010 01:04
hi Mia, thanks for adding me. u'r super hot!!
22 Nov 2010 12:12
Thanks for your comment. you could have it all in your mouth, then share it with me as i kiss you.
13 Nov 2010 12:46
I uploaded some web cam pics I sent dad. If u like them, comment??? Love, Lola
12 Nov 2010 21:40
Damn every time i log in and see your profilw, i swear you get hotter with every picture your upload
05 Nov 2010 14:16
You look gorgeous in your bikini! You always look delicious in and out of any clothing!
16 Oct 2010 07:55
if you ask me to eat and fuck you OH THANK YOU than spend at least 1 hour tasting your sweet juice than take my time when I fuck you so I could enjoy your hot tight pussy
07 Oct 2010 16:18
Welcome to Lush and hope you enjoy it here
07 Oct 2010 07:53
hiya Mia, nice to meet you milady, thanks for adding me you have a really cool profile, well catch you around lush sometime!
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thanks for the add great pics, loved the video's
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thanks 4 the add...GOD UR SEXY
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