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First off, let me do the obligatory comment about messaging. If you send me a message I promise I will try and respond, TRY is the key word there. It may not be right away but I will try. Don't send me private messages until you at least talk to me.

Now for the important part. I hate these bio's because they don't really let you know who I am. It turns into nothing more than a list of my likes and and dislikes. So to reduce my list by half, I don't dislike anything, well other than the messaging thing I mentioned above and making my list of likes.

No it's not a complete list.

So my likes are:

Nice people, people that want to get to know me and talk to me, running at 5:15 in the morning, lying flat on my back sweating after I complete a crazy cardio workout, seeing my nieces, nephews and the rest of my family.

I like the beach not because it's sunny but because it makes me feel small, it makes me feel that there is something else out there.

I'm a romantic, I'm a romantic, I'm a romantic and I love it. I love holding hands in public. I smile like a goof when my boyfriend smiles at me across a crowded room. I love wearing his coat on a chilly night and I love hugging him from behind and holding myself to him. I like his teeshirts that are 40 sizes too big for me because they come down to my knees.

I have never had a one night stand and I don't plan on it. I think that making love and sex are two completely different things.

How's that?


Relationship Status:
North Carolina, United States
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20 Jun 2018 09:52
Spending time with family and friends. I love going to the beach or a spa. I love going to movies but rarely make it through an entire movie.
Favorite Books:
I hate choosing favorites. I like light stories, funny stories, things that make me think.
Favorite Authors:
Of the older more classic authors I like Hemingway, Bronte, Fitzgerald, Hawthorne, Tolstoy

More modern authors is kind of tough. I read Gillian Flynn recently.
Favorite Movies:
Anything that would be considered stupid humor. Movies like Scary Movie, American Pie, Airplane, 21 Jump Street. I love to laugh and have fun.
Favourite TV Shows:
I almost never watch TV. Maybe Parks and Recreation, Two Broke Girls.
Favorite Music:
Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, STP, The Mama's and the Papa's, Creed, Nickelback, Foo Fighters, Frank Sinatra, Pink, Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Adele, Matchbox Twenty, and on and on. I'm sure there are tons more. Every band is different and great for their own reasons.


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06 May 2012
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10 Mar 2018
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Topic: Describe yourself in three words
Posted: 07 Jan 2017 09:23

Is "crazy ass bitch" already taken? :)

Okay I'll go with sweet, sensual, and shy.

Topic: Do you fuck emotionally or physically?
Posted: 06 Aug 2016 05:17

For me there is a difference between "making love" and "fucking". Sure all the same parts are used but for me it's completely different.

Making love is about an emotional connection. It's a shared intimacy. I know I'm overly romantic but it's about the two of you being one.

Fucking is about a raw passion. It's a basic animal need.

There are times when I crave the intimacy of making love and there are times that I crave the passion of fucking. And to make things even more confusing it can completely change in the middle.

How's that for a non-answer answer?

Topic: Help finding a story
Posted: 19 Jun 2016 19:32

A few months ago I was reading a story that I really liked but I was interrupted and figured I would get back to it later.

Well, time has passed and I've forgotten the name of the story. :(

I was wondering if anyone might know the name of the story.

First off it's a multi-part story. It's about a woman that moves into a new apartment. Once in the apartment she finds that her next door neighbor is rather noisy sexually. She is drawn to listening through the wall.

As time goes on more and more women visit with her neighbor. It even gets to the point where the neighbor sends his guests to her apartment to ask for various items, a lubricant.

Finally, the neighbor knocks on her door and pulls her into his apartment and pushes her to her knees. Eventually, he makes her go to another neighbor and ask for vaseline.

There is a scene where the neighbor has sex with an engaged friend.

That's about all I can remember.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Topic: Started to exercise but gained weight.
Posted: 14 Nov 2015 05:56

The confusing answer is that you've gained weight because you started working out. Yes, that's right, you gained weight because you started working out. You're building muscle and muscle weighs more than, do I dare say it, fluff(fat). But here's the good part. Muscle burns more calories than fluff does. The more muscle you put on the more calories you burn and you will start to burn fluff faster.

The measure of working out should not be your weight. It's the measure that people have used for years and years but it's actually pretty inaccurate. A person that is completely fit with a body fat percent of say 6% will weigh more than a like sized person that has a body fat percent of 30%.

What you should be measuring your progress on is how you look, and how you fit in your clothes. How many push-ups and sit-ups you can do. How tired you are after a 30 minute cardio session.

If you've ever seen those infomercials for workouts like P90X or Insanity, one of the things they have you do is take some pictures of yourself, a front and a side. Then do the workout and the diet for 30 days and take the pictures again and again at 60 days and again at 90 days.

When you go back and compare those pictures you will be amazed.

Now here is the hardest part about the workout, the diet. You cannot be eating things like pizza and nachos and wings and work out expecting to "lose weight".

I'm not pushing any workout but I've done them all. I tend to be very ADHD and normally workout twice a day. I've read the material for workouts like P90X and Insanity, I've done both of them numerous times. The books and manuals that come with those programs do a very good job of explaining why diet is so important. I'm sure you can find them online.

And lastly, two weeks really isn't that long of an amount of time. You're going to need a little longer of a sample time to judge progress. You will start to see progress first in your arms, mainly the biceps and triceps. The thing that sucks about losing fat is it doesn't come off in only one location it comes off very slowly from your entire body.

If you do try either of the programs that I mentioned just start slow. You don't need to go crazy and try to use heavy weights. You don't need to do every exercise the first time or even the second or third. But over time you will build up and then be able to do it. Starting slow also helps avoid injuries. I've don't them so many times that I can't listen to the speakers anymore. I put on music and just know what's coming next. I also mix the two workouts together. There are sessions I like from each and sessions I don't so I mix and match to make the workout that I like.

I've also done CrossFit but tend to shy away from it after about 6 months. It was a little too hard on my joints. It has amazing results and some people love it but I found my shoulders were really sore.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message,

Topic: New Years Eve, Ladies will you be wearing stockings or pantyhose that night????
Posted: 30 Dec 2014 13:59

Stockings and a black dress

Topic: The Great Hot Sauce Debate: Tobasco or Texas Pete?
Posted: 21 Nov 2014 19:38

We have both in the house but we also have probably 5 other brands too. Each has a different flavor and each is used for different meals. So it's hard for me to pick just one.

Topic: Do you pee when your partner is in the bathroom with you.
Posted: 24 Apr 2014 15:45

Okay I'm the odd one here. No, no, no and no.

Our bathroom is separated into a main area and a water closet with a door. Our toilet is in the water closet(obviously) and I don't even like to go when he's in main area and I have the door closed and the fan on.

On the other hand my fiancee has no issues with it at all.

Topic: What did you have for breakfast?
Posted: 06 Apr 2014 14:36

Homemade Brisket Hash(Brisket and Yukon Gold potatoes) with onions, green and red peppers, some cayenne pepper, salt and pepper and about a stick of butter.

I had a small serving but my fiancee and dad completely destroyed the rest of it.

Topic: Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted: 30 Mar 2014 06:43

All Of Me by John Legend


Topic: What's for dinner tonight?
Posted: 15 Mar 2014 09:46

A day late but Steak( and Blowjob) night (March 14) was last night. My fiancee just got in from being out of town so we'll celebrate tonight instead.

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“Who did you? Well, besides the whole football team,” Mark said. “ha ha!” I said and paused for a second. “Oh, wait I forgot. Fuck you.” “Let’s see. You started with Tony. He was a Linebacker and dumb as hell. I’m kind of amazed he could even string together two words to ask you out.” In his best Caveman imitation Mark said. “Ma... Ma... Mackenzie... da... da... date... Toe...Toe......

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The Adventures of Having Roommates

No matter how hard I try I have never been able to beat Cassie running. It’s not a defeatist attitude but rather a simple indisputable fact. Every time we go for a run she crosses some imaginary finish line ahead of me. I’ve tried sneak attacks. I’ve tried to get a lead and hold it. I’ve tried to shadow her and sprint to the end and I’ve even tried the “I’m just running next to you but sneak...

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Steven bent over to pick up the bottle of shampoo and suddenly stopped. His face slowly turned into a broad grin as he looked up at me. “What?” I asked. “What are you doing?” “Can I look at it?” Steven asked as his eyes scanned down my body. “At wh . . .” I suddenly stopped. “. . . ewww, no it’s ugly.” I darted my hands toward my pussy but Steven had other plans and caught my hands. ...

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Summer's End: A Loss Of Innocence - Part 2

A few minutes later, Steven got up and kicked his shorts off. He walked down the beach and into the water. He was standing at the water’s edge looking out at me. His body was the same body I had seen years ago just filled out and more muscular. It was my moment to pretend I was Halle Berry. I was going to slowly walk out of the water with a sexy bikini, dive knife and gorgeous figure. Except...

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