The Kendall Chronicles - Part 4

A voyeur looks in on Kendall as she plays with her toys

After my shower, I towel dried my hair, brushed my teeth and dressed in a pair of simple white cotton panties and a camisole. I had fully intended to wait up for Mark, but after lying down on the couch I quickly fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the metal door slamming closed as Mark came in. He did what he always does and walked into the kitchen to get himself a glass of water. I...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 7

“Stop struggling, you can’t get away.” It’s an understatement. I weigh less than half of what you weigh. You’re straddling my chest with my arms crossed over my head and my legs are fastened to the bedposts. For some reason for the first time I feel really exposed. It isn’t the fact I was wearing next to nothing when I started this game or the little show in the kitchen. It wasn’t...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 6

Michelle continues with her 'game'

“What are you wearing?” you ask as I walk into the kitchen. I’m dressed in your crisp white dress shirt. Cuffed at the wrists and held together by two buttons at my waist and nothing else. My skin is clearly visible down the center of my chest; it’s obvious I don’t have a bra on. The recently recovered schoolgirl inside me is already awake and pouting about taking the shirt from the closet...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 5

“Make love to me.” I whisper. “No” “Please, please make love to me, I need to feel you.” You reach down my legs one at a time to undo the leather cuffs on my ankles and rub the skin underneath to bring back the feeling. “Please” I beg, “I want you now”. Your fingers slide under the waistband of my v-string panties and start to pull them down under my bottom. With a little grin on...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 4

I don’t know how long it has been since you strapped me to the bed and walked out of the room; it could be two minutes, or ten ,or it could be longer. Fur lined leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles restrain me to the bed. I am completely splayed out, with my legs spread and attached to the corners of the bed and my arms straight over my head. The blindfold has plunged me into...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 3

Part 3 While I’m not a sexual prude, I’ve also never let a man cum in my mouth before. I’ve never been on my knees like this and I’ve never let someone “fuck my mouth” before. It has always been me deciding when I wanted to give oral sex and how far I would go. Now in a few short minutes you have had me on my knees, you were “fucking my mouth” and you came. Our sex life isn’t exactly...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 2

What the heck am I doing? Did I just agree to be submissive for the evening? Where did that come from? Okay, well actually I know, it came from the perfectly placed hands on my body and the nervous tension coursing through me. “Did you like that?” I open my mouth to answer but I can’t. I can’t say anything. It’s happening again, my head is dropping and I’m starting to roll my shoulders...Read On


The Submissive Side of Lust - Part 1

“Take off your robe and get in the tub.” It’s only a few simple words but they’ve transformed me into a blushing little girl. I can feel it happening, the blood is rushing to my face as I start to turn red, my head is dropping down, my shoulders are rolling in and I’m biting my bottom lip. The thing is I’m not a school girl; I’m a grown woman in my mid-twenties. I feel as if the boy I have...Read On

First Time(3)


Summer's End: A Loss Of Innocence - Conclusion

Summer has a night to remember

Steven bent over to pick up the bottle of shampoo and suddenly stopped. His face slowly turned into a broad grin as he looked up at me. “What?” I asked. “What are you doing?” “Can I look at it?” Steven asked as his eyes scanned down my body. “At wh . . .” I suddenly stopped. “. . . ewww, no it’s ugly.” I darted my hands toward my pussy but Steven had other plans and caught my hands. ...Read On


Summer's End: A Loss Of Innocence - Part 2

Summer's dream spins out of reach as she steps closer to that to losing her virginity.

A few minutes later, Steven got up and kicked his shorts off. He walked down the beach and into the water. He was standing at the water’s edge looking out at me. His body was the same body I had seen years ago just filled out and more muscular. It was my moment to pretend I was Halle Berry. I was going to slowly walk out of the water with a sexy bikini, dive knife and gorgeous figure. Except...Read On


Summer's End: A Loss Of Innocence - Part 1

A skinny dip turns into something more than a night time swim for Summer. Will she become a woman?

“Are you looking at my ass?” “That’s one of those questions like ‘Is my butt fat in this dress?’ that no matter how I answer it I’m going to get in trouble. Right?” “Are you saying my ass is fat?” “I’m not going to get sucked into your little game. You can just stop trying.” “I can’t believe you think I have a fat ass.” “I did not say you had a fat ass.” “So you were looking...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


Caught In A Dream

When dreams become reality

Slap, slap, slap, slap rang out as Michael's hips hit my ass. I could still taste his saltiness on my lips. Slap, slap, slap, slap. There was no mercy, no letting up. Slap, slap, slap, slap. With each collision of Michael's hips against my ass, his hands tightened on my hips as he pulled me toward him. Slap, slap, slap, slap. His cock slipping deeper and deeper...Read On



In Plain Sight: An Escort's Story - Part 2

Amanda loses one job only to find another

I guess I should have felt some sort of guilt but I didn’t. If anything, I felt exhilarated and I wanted to do it again. And I did. Over the next two weeks my boss became like my boyfriend. He would open doors for me. He would ask me nicely to do things. He drove me home to my foster parent’s house after work and picked me up there a few times. He didn’t have to do any of these things because...Read On



The Adventures of Having Roommates

With Alex taking a long shower Cassie has a solution for Michelle's need to get out of the apartment

No matter how hard I try I have never been able to beat Cassie running. It’s not a defeatist attitude but rather a simple indisputable fact. Every time we go for a run she crosses some imaginary finish line ahead of me. I’ve tried sneak attacks. I’ve tried to get a lead and hold it. I’ve tried to shadow her and sprint to the end and I’ve even tried the “I’m just running next to you but sneak...Read On



City of Love

The encounter of a brother and sister in Paris

It was all an act, well; at least that’s what it started out as. Steven and I were in Paris as tourists, as twin brother and sister tourists. We were on a two week college graduation trip that we both wanted to take before we started our daily lives. Starting our jobs and leaving our youth behind. The problem with Paris is that everyone that you see is a couple. Everyone is holding hands...Read On

Oral Sex(4)


Winner's Choice

What would you choose when given the chance to pick whatever you want?"

“I choose...” Jake paused. “... a blowjob!” It was really pretty stupid on my part, when you think about it. I was wearing nothing but a pair of panties, and I decided to raise the bet by saying ‘If you win, you get to choose. Anything, anything you want’. I knew the moment that those words left my mouth what Jake wanted to put in my mouth. Trevor and Liv had both folded and were...Read On


In Plain Sight: An Escort's Story - Part 3

Amanda meets her mentor

--- In Plain Sight: An Escort’s Story – Part 3 --- At this point in the day I can honestly say that I didn’t know how I was supposed to feel about everything that had happened. Let me explain. I had been yelled at by my boss. I had walked in the scorching heat only to get to the owner of the ice cream parlor’s house and see him standing naked on the deck. I was then invited into his house...Read On


In Plain Sight: An Escort's Story

Amanda gets a taste of the escort life with a big payday.

Let's get a few things straight right from the start. This isn't a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting where I'm going to stand up and tell everyone how many men I fucked and how much I love sex. It's also not some "woe is me, everyone feel sorry for me" story either. You see, I fully understand my decisions and even though you may not agree with them they're my decisions. To be perfectly clear...Read On


A Ride Home with Santa

A ride home with Santa has an adventurous twist

“You do know that Santa’s in charge of the North Pole and all ofthe elves, right?” Jason said continuing our playful argument. “You’re nuts. Mrs. Claus is in complete control. The only reason Santa flies around in the sleigh is because Mrs. Claus needs sleep after working the entire year for this one night. She makes him do it and he probably whines the whole time.” I counter. Then in...Read On

Straight Sex(12)


In Plain Sight: An Escort's Story - Part 4

Amanda returns from a shopping trip and discovers something she didn't know about herself

--- In Plain Sight: An Escort’s Story – Part 4 --- As Kayla and I walked out of Mr. Keller’s house and toward a brand new Black Mercedes Benz 500SL glimmering in the driveway I started to realize that my life was about to change. I’m sure that some people will argue the change wasn’t for the better but sometimes you have to do what works for you. For me stepping out of a multi-million...Read On


The Girl Next Door

Mark finds out a few things about the girl next door

“Who did you? Well, besides the whole football team,” Mark said. “ha ha!” I said and paused for a second. “Oh, wait I forgot. Fuck you.” “Let’s see. You started with Tony. He was a Linebacker and dumb as hell. I’m kind of amazed he could even string together two words to ask you out.” In his best Caveman imitation Mark said. “Ma... Ma... Mackenzie... da... da... date... Toe...Toe......Read On


The Kendall Chronicles - Part 3

Kendall explores her slutty side

Greg traced his fingertip up a trail of juices on the inside of my thigh and slipped his finger into him mouth. “Mmmm, that tastes nice. Sit on the counter.” It was more of an order than a statement. I quickly moved onto the counter with my legs dangling off the edge. Greg stood in front of me and placed a hand on each knee and spread my legs. He leaned forward, kissed me and said,...Read On


The Kendall Chronicles - Part 2

Kendall continues to explore her slutty side

It only took a few seconds to get out of the building and into the cool evening air. I was holding Greg’s hand and pulling him behind me like a little puppy. Greg’s grip on my hand suddenly tightened, and he pulled on my arm spinning me around. It was like I was a rubber band being released, and I spun around and landed in Greg’s arms. His lips were on mine and a deep passionate kiss...Read On


The Kendall Chronicles - Part 1

Kendall explores her slutty side

“Let’s get out of here.” “No, I’m here with friends. Thank you for the dance.” I said. “You’re a little cock tease aren’t you?” “What?” I stammered in a shocked response. “What are you talking about?” “Fucking cock tease. Do you get off rubbing up on guys and then walking away?” “Oh, fuck off” I half yelled. “Just because I let you grind on me when I’m dancing that makes me a...Read On


Lover's Game

Michael and Michelle, lovers reconnecting after being apart.

“You know you’re distracting me!” I said while looking at Michael.  Michael was lying completely naked with his thick legs slightly spread, his muscled arms crossed behind his head and flaccid penis resting on his stomach. “How am I distracting you?” “I keep looking at you and wanting to just talk with you but every time I think of something so say I get distracted at how beautiful...Read On


Super Bowl Bet

Paying off a bet

To start, let me say I am not a big sports fan. I have nothing against sports and do not mind going to an event every now and then but mostly I have no real grasp of the rules and no real interest to learn them. I rarely ever watch sports at home other than to watch a major event and that is really more so I can invite people to over for a little party. Super Bowl for me is just one of...Read On


Little Black Dress

The allure of a little black dress

I, like every woman, have a little black dress. A dress designed specifically to accentuate my look and to draw in the unsuspecting man. My little black dress is silk with a sweetheart neckline that curves over my breasts and allows the onlooker a teasing glance at the tops of my breasts. It’s floor length with spaghetti straps and fitted snugly but not so tight as to reveal all the details...Read On


Tempted, Teased and Tied Up - The Conclusion

Part 4 Once in the car I reach to the dashboard GPS and enter an address. I don’t tell you what’s at the address or where it is, but rather just tell you to follow the directions.  The directions will lead us to a hotel in the city. It’s a nice elegant suite with a view of the lights of the city. I know this evening will end soon but I’ve rented the suite for the weekend, plenty of time...Read On


Tempted, Teased and Tied Up - Part 3

I can think of no better way to get even with you for your little clit tweak while I was ordering dinner, than making you wait for your climax. I was planning on teasing you, as it were, but now I’m out for revenge. As I start to recover from my climax, our appetizer arrives and is set on the table. When the waiter leaves, I reach up and with my fingers take a hold of one of the...Read On


Tempted, Teased and Tied Up - Part 2

As you turn your head toward me your eyes pass across the opening of my off white coat and stop suddenly. Not nearly the subtle look one would expect to receive when returning from the ladies room but rather a look of “what the heck”. A look of shock would also be a fair description. It’s what I had hoped for when I created this plan and I had the reward I was after. Your eyes start...Read On


Tempted, Teased and Tied Up - Part 1

Preface I’m lying here idly dragging my fingertips across my smooth stomach and into the little puddles of warm cum. These little puddles of cum were three hours in the making, three hours of teasing you. When you were finally free it didn’t take long, only a few short minutes and I think even you were surprised it ended so fast. It was worth it to see the look on your face when you...Read On