Love Poems(4)


An Aussie Kiss

A French one down there

Aussie can you hear me down there Dream of your pussy devoid of hair My message mentioned reverse numbers Better than using cheap cucumbers A Sixty nine you'll know is fun For you and me, for everyone An Aussie kiss Id love to try My tongue I know will make you cry While licking sucking your hardening clit My tongue my teeth licking biting it Your juices running I intend to cum My nose...Read On


Strippers Booth Part 4: The club has got me hooked

The club has got me hooked.

Strippers Booth Part 4.....The club has got me hooked!  Please read parts 1, 2, and 3  to link the story together . Down at the bank I'd drew a tidy sum  To pay for a stripper, pussy or bum  A wad of notes to enable me to plan  Another private dance and a fuck if I can Especially Chloe or her friend who I rate good A new girl in private? And may be I should Ask Chloe to dance with...Read On


Strippers Booth: Part Three

a blinding fuck

STRIPPERS BOOTH PART three - I HAD TO GO BACK Readers should read parts one and two to enjoy the continuing story I crept away from Chloe's house Through her gate quite as a mouse My body tired still feeling a tingle Straight to the club where I could mingle Ten strippers there but not the same Mesmerized by Chloe could they blame?  Blame me for being a choosy guy Each time they asked...Read On


Strippers Booth

a fuck in private I see you standing there  In my booth you stripping bare  You turn around your pubic hair  I cannot fail but just blush and stare  Your sensual movements in front of me  You touch your toes your clit to see  You waggle your bum I think I might  Fuck your pussy it looks so tight  My arms around you for the night  I'll squeeze your breasts and twist your nipple  Take...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Strippers Booth Part Two

A visit to Chloe's flat

STRIPPERS BOOTH...PART TWO..I visited her flat! My time was up, I was out of luck Chloe was there and ready to fuck Was all fired up my cock was hard No need to worry she handed me a card Then she was gone. She was off to bed "Be sure to ring me...or you'll be dead" I left the club my heart was thumping Chloe I thought I would soon be jumping I got back home I entered my room I...Read On