Erotic Poems(9)


Frosty The Show Man

A bold snowmans frigid rise to glory is his cold story.

  In slumber grew oh Frosty grand, All sturdy frozen, best in land, Each dream anew this gent would stand, Then fade from view, his sleep renewed, Awaiting rebirth at master’s hand. All playful he, a freeze to keep, In nature’s grip with ease he’ll slip, The deep and drifting silken hold, Dance all merry wet and cold, Rise anew all chiseled bold, For ye to build, to hold, to mold. Oh...Read On


Catch Of The Day

Diving deep to probe her depths.

Deep within your salty depths,
 I troll my net in hopes to catch,
 And fetch such scale as non compare,
 I prep my bait, for mermaid fair. A lingering line, gleaming wet,
 My dancing jig, a drag well set,
 Your mouth to lure, your eyes to cure,
 I sink well deep, this feast so pure. Oh maiden finned, of shimmering she,
 My catch of the day, if all ye be,
 I'll dine fair well, and no one...Read On


In The Womb of Mother Nature

You are a lyrical jewel that reawakens my soul.

I come to you hungry for the view of your lines, Thirsting for every spring-ripening-scent of you. I come with a yearning for your perfection, your Awe, Awakened in your presence, I am vibrant, vigorous. Your ample succulent swales entrance me. I am you, here, and you me. We are one. Your accepting embrace nourishes my every cell. The holds could unfold forever, it would never be enough....Read On


Form and Function

Lay bare your layers to caring stare

I present to thee as ye to me, A history of form and function, A perfected him before perfect her, We both do dare this juncture of dance, Where layers lay bare to caring stare and circumstance, And strum of digit, hum of lips, Sips from dripping honeyed hips, Our offered symbol, confident trust, Swaying thus a gentle thrust, As God intended, all is splendid… harmony. Freely...Read On


Stroke Of Time

Final Exam from teacher begins

***Prelim*** At the stroke of hands, I know this time, You slow me down, You are my rhyme. My spacious pace, Your lips, my grace, You know my place, Inside your face. I clutch your locks, Your silken flocks, Pull close your mouth, Oh please stay south. Your lips divine Traverse sublime, Drink from this vine, My fine white wine. ***Final Exam*** Yes take me in, You are my sin, Your...Read On


Eager Rise

A developing stem gives relief for ripe bud

Winter's frozen mantle recedes from yonder cordillera flanks As wildflower bud presses its urgent release, not yet fulfilled, Life-in-lull, dreaming through dim-lit days, wrestle with soaked cloak For light and life, humus purified, fertile for expectant emergence. Eager rise precedes hungry stem, stretching abundant after sleep, Fertile vessels feed the seep that plies stemmed arteries...Read On


Ocean Liner

Surrendering to her riptide passions.

The effect you impart upon my heart, To fuse your view within, Such memory pictures, explicitly bold Begin my rising start… The sway you lay within my soul, Tsunami swelling within, Imparted pulses, erotically charged, May conquest be thy goal... Undulating waves beneath me... heave, Your riptide reels me in, Unmoored you reap my salty tease, My prow carves deep… to cleave. ...Read On


One Night Of Bliss

One night of blissful awe.

Her taste and scent do give for pause, For of my wants, she seems my cause. Her eyes and hair, her skin so fair, Find 'tween her thighs, my slick-cock lair. Her purring sigh requesting more, I'll be her master, she my whore. Her many needs, all mine to fill, Oh pre-cum beads, oh heavenly thrill. I'll stroke a rhythmic pulsing pace, Loosen strings of satin lace, Observe her...Read On


White Water Treat

Brace for the undertow...

He: Come surf on me swell, me white water treat, Me wave, rest assured, a swelling sweet, This safe harbor dear, will treat you well, Hoist me sail, drop me anchor, ring me bell. Get ready for the steady of me undertow, Jetty cultivated, for ye ebbing and ye flow, Fish net covered clam… holy mermaid… thank ye mam, Thar she blows on me deck, up me mast lass, thar ye go. She: A...Read On



Creative Chamber IV

When what's revealed leads to pent up release...

To put it mildly, she was smoking hot! His eyes feasted on her Seven Till Midnight paisley bustier corset and thong, all black… and all his! She was smoldering and his cock immediately lurched, pulsed, oozed a luxurious pre-cum elixir. He thought back to his earlier visit when he sat alone by the fireplace and had glanced down on the coffee table to see an arrangement of some of her...Read On


Creative Chamber III

An open invitation to move to a new level of intimacy

Ahh yes… the "straight"… the "curves"… the thrill of anticipation, the not knowing what to expect on that "other side"… it's just the best. Pistons pumping, throttle open, the pounding in the ear… riding on the edge… oh yessss, she brought it all out in me. Hell, it was the same thrill I experienced on my Heritage (Harley). She could bring it, and my dear reader, this Irish devil was more...Read On


Tending The Gardens IV

It's nearly time to plant the seeds

His eyes were glazed as he continued to watch her every sensuous move. He thought he must be dreaming. Never could he have imagined this going so well so fast. She looked like every red blooded american males dream model and by the look in her eyes she was ready for whatever it was he desired at that moment in time. She couldn't take her eyes off that slow caressing hand of his, strong,...Read On


Tending The Gardens III

Fertile gardens are prepared for planting

She tore her eyes away, much regretted, but it was the only way she could accomplish the original intent of her trip to the kitchen, and now the thought of a few glasses of wine seemed as much an imperative as a desire. In fact, as to desire, other needs seemed far more pressing. She collected her composure just enough to actually pour the Four Vines Zin (one of her current favorites) into...Read On


Tending The Gardens Part II

Visuals heat up as does blood temperature

Just as she had suspected then, it was his intention to initiate some form of sensual fore-play all along. His sideways glances were not imagined at all. What a titillating offering and imaginative ploy to draw her in, she thought. Now this was some opportunity for a most unusual liaison and one she wasn't about to forego. How long had it been since she had this kind of opportunity?...Read On

Love Poems(25)


Pure Platinum Pleasure

She'll lay your soul to waste.

She's pure platinum pleasure, she's a sure head of steam, a honest-to-goodness chest of treasure,  why, she's every young man's dream. She's topped off full of passion,  bound to make you groan,  she's in, chic, all the fashion,  her love is just for loan. Oh oh girl, you're such a cold gold digger.  Cold cold girl, you need your gold like liquor.  Broken hearts, like flames that...Read On



Holding mysef erect while her ghostly effect becomes my mirage.

She comes and goes like some vaporous waves, Some shimmering ghostly apparitions, Undulating on the horizon, Lilting in and out of my life's journey. Is she real or just some blurry banshee mirage, Kissing my senses for but a moment in time, Here then gone, a budding perfumed scent On the air, filling me with a promise to ease My ache and want for sweetness only. Where does she hide,...Read On


King For A Day

A royal conquest fuels a desire for battlefield survival

Secreted elixir, Chamberlains’ lust, Primal rhythms pilot his thrust, Masculine Eros, royal driblet, Measured commander, penning couplet. Leaving the fields of the slain uncollected, Gaining on she, this ripe queen unprotected, Scheming for days, his desire effected, She waits in her chamber for love intersected. She of patrician, he of high state, Her ravenous beauty she uses as bait,...Read On


Servant's Quarters

Forebidden rendezvous surfices and satiates the servant's ache.

Comely ye oh fair thee be Commingled glee flows free, My weld to you grandiose, complete Cum well thy maiden sweet. A purposed duty undiluted, This swelling staff non-concluded, Mi eunuch saber, yours to whisk Undo mi brooded, odalisque. No high reigned tyrant's need to know, What in mi breeches grows then sows, Yours wench, when needed, heat be heeded, Pearly dew drops neatly seeded....Read On


Fusion Fires

Hungry hearts burn for release.

The effect you impart upon my heart, To fuse your view within, Those memory pictures, explicitly bold Begin my rising start… The embellishing delicacies draped refined, Accouterments visions galore, Such fantasy primers infuse my pulse, You are my ache sublime. Your cues, your mews, my daily news, You are my relevant views, I carry sensations, such coaxing vibrations, You are my...Read On


Come To Me Prepared

Take a seat brethren, there's a tale to be told...

I like my girls rested, so willing, so able Tender to touch and to eat! Svelte hips, rounded heaven, legs parted Ah brethren, there's more to this tale, take a seat! I like them prepared for our time well spared, Cum for me, many times in the night... Rest your body in-between, rest well my queen, You will know when the timing's just right! I'll give you my pleasures, in return for...Read On


Nuanced Ambiance

A ripening unveiling of sweet perfume and wanton hues

Polyphonic offerings exchanged Affecting a softening to pangs That rearrange demeanor in chords Harmonize an orchestration towards relief Like some parched penstemon Pang for wet realize Offering its fuchsia trumpet To the Gods of symphonic thunder This bashful hue of scarlet Invades the paler cheeks Doles out a parsimonious frequency Where claritas rings and chimes the heart ...Read On


Horizon's Aim

Gasp my arrow, against wetted angst... pinned.

Swept all else to backdraft voids My past… flowing close to following Never-the-less eros prevails As pain takes backseat to hearts hollowing You, the keeper of steps forward Filling the now-empty with your sensual ache Regret not experiences taught Proffered lusts promised, mine to take Fever's heat, drying saline blur  Taking to the street on sleek machine Your tight lines, skin-tight...Read On


Heaven Sapphire

Adonis awaiting your command mi-lady...

Beyond a mortal man impassioned far, At these voluptuous accents, he arose, Ethereal, flushed, and like a throbbing star, Seen 'mid the sapphire heaven's deep repose, Into her dream he melted, as the Rose  Blendeth its odor with the Violet -elixer sweet: Meantime the frost-wind blows Like a lover's quarrelled rage Against the windowpanes; MidKnights' Moon hath set Within your...Read On


Nature's Rewards - Consummation

She took, I gave, she asked, she received...'s only just here, and already I can feel it's effects.  As other organisms in nature begin to respond, so to do I. An awakening of sorts, a stirring from deep down. My own nature stirs in earnest, hungry and anxious  For new and fertile ground to flourish in. My root grows in it's desire to plunge deeply,  Gathering strength and girth as it does so,  Seeking a moist,...Read On


I'm A Masturbator

We... mighty stroking through the night...

I'm a masturbator. Ohhh most certainly yes! But not for me you see, That's right,… for you… agreed,  Good guess! For my own good pleasure, My good girth and length, Wetted stroke, to feel my strength, You'd be the one to measure. For you however, treasure my lever. Expressly yours, for tease, Lie back, relent, bend knees, I'll stroke for your good ease… say please! Me --...Read On


Keen Vision For Fine Art

A promising glimpse of thy fairest curtaining...

An eye for that which rates above The rarest art that moves the soul Beholding that deserving grand I have such vision, I am such man. Forsaken eye, which does not see The fairest frames or curtaining I'm blinded not for my remiss But lack of lace and gleaned bodice. Nor that the fore is all I miss The dearth it carries on The eyes tear near to misery Accoutrements are...Read On


Clavate Antennae

Her escaping wetness awakens...

My Clavate antenna extends As I sense your pulse, Your phéromone seduction Pulls me close. Like moth to flame, You host and claim My raging cane, Attuned… pre-game. This musky lust, My clavate crown Effused, I thrust, Opulent, slick, round. Your wet escape Awakens my cells,  Near penetrate, Those perfumed jells. A primitive breaching, This mounting Amor. ...Read On


Pole Top

Open your eyes, possess the prize...

From top the pole On hover high Clenched in hold Oblique the thigh Sirius summons Vortex beckoned  His hardening hearkened  Diva's cunning Rhapsodizing... hypnotized  Her reverie surprise Revelations on the rise Perusing, hand-cruising his prize! On slow descent Each muscle spent His eros assent Her plied foment Her circular motion A lacy potion His...Read On



May creativity in stroking be most provoking

Enraptured, captured, tethered to glee,  Boundless, soundless, euphoric with thee,  At your service mademoiselle,  Who writes with the fluid and grace of gazelle. An intrigue surrounds you,  It pleasures my mind,  A rare jewel, a Lotus, a destiny find! I'm moved like a brush at the dip, at the stroke,  Your own languid motion,  My Eros provoked. Do we paint by the...Read On


Drink Deeply

Conversant erotica converts...

Lesson 1). A Ritual Cleansing: And rain from the Mountain King Shall wash down on you as a nourishing honey mead, Nectar of the Gods, While from the shadows his thunder rod will rise exposed. You'll offer your cave as shelter And bring forth sweet glistening honey dew for his enchantment And forevermore bind him in your spell. You'll milk his steely shaft and sanctify...Read On


Mirth The Girth

Grab hold and guide, attain your mirth!

Love magic Throbs the pulsing love gadget Sobs to give you glee It's slick glistening "pre" Awaiting thee, thy touch Offering ye mons relief… much This ultimate joy This magic-gadget toy Ahh the ache Tis my heart quake To await, for our sake This union of girl and boy Guide me true My boy-toy given you Wetted blissful dew Our mingled eros stew My sense of you ...Read On


As You Desire, As You Request... My Fire

And so as you request, thy desires I offer to fulfill to thrill.

I present to thee as ye to me,  A history of form and function,  A perfected him before perfect her,  We both do dare this juncture of dance  Where layers lay bare to caring stare and circumstance, And strum of digit, hum of lips,  Sips from dripping honeyed hips, Our offered symbol, confident trust,  Swaying thus a gentle thrust,  As God intended, all is splendid… harmony. ...Read On


Mounting The Future

The promise of future healing arousal awaits

Swept all else to backdraft voids My past… flowing close to following Never-the-less eros prevails As pain takes backseat to hearts hollowing You, the keeper of steps forward Filling the now-empty with your sensual ache Regret not experiences taught Proffered lusts promised, mine to take Fever's heat, drying saline blur  Taking to the street on sleek machine Your tight...Read On



Open your inner energy to me as I travel nature's way...

Metamorphosis Your energy radiated Pine to pine A telekinesis from "yours" to "mine". Whispering your essence As I pass by Whilst moist needles blaze From sun-brilliant haze No foggy hindrance To aura remembrance Ye quality hue Visions of you As deep forest pleasure are mine. Such succulent ambience Metamorphosis measures Inner chrysalis treasures As born anew...Read On


Guardian Of The Gate

Positioned for maiden-head hearth...

Thunder Rocks immortal guards Standing sturdy/strong Stalwart seminal legacy Testudines guardian throngs Posing hard on seeds from stone Positioned for maiden head hearth Moltenous reservoir fountainheads Arterial spawning bed prongs Gratuitous sentinel sensing your need Spewing forth sea salt spray cures Copious legions "chiseled" and "cut" Pumping stalagmite type lures Reef-rock...Read On


King Cobra

Going down on King Cobra rising...

Medusa charmer, snake merchant mistress  Of the infamous coiled trouser snake King Cobra,  Mystic high priestess of reptilian rapture,  Ye who experiences King Cobra lightning strikes, His searing syrup spit, seducer's labyrinth Mt. Hall pit,  Writhing, entangled, intertwined in heated passion,  Mesmerized trance dancing, tongue flicking snake licking,  Flesh slicking fang sinking, venom...Read On


Book Of Love

Summoned, I bid you to be my mindscape...

I opened mindscape Lush Images and touched you,  Naked, wearing only sweat,  The bittersweet taste and sticky touch of your flesh  Opened memeories wide as ransacked drawers,  Or safes opened by gloved burglars.  In my mind I put my hand in your drawers,  Anxious for the touch and further taste of you  On my tongue, my mouth, my face wet with you. You're like a fast bike on...Read On


Nature's Warm Up (Foreplay Consummation)

Spring awakenings infuse potent potential for propagation...

Nature's Warm Up (Foreplay): Winter's frozen mantle recedes from yonder cordillera flanks As wildflower bud presses it's urgent release, not yet fulfilled, Life-in-lull, dreaming through dim-lit days, wrestle with soaked cloak For light and life, humus purified, fertile for expectant emergence. Eager rise precedes hungry stem, stretching abundant after sleep, Fertile vessels feed the...Read On


Long Distance Reach

When time and space cease to exist...

Your enigmatic charms come to me in some vaporous illusion, That cause me to cry out for your company and caress.  I have found myself awoken on more than one occasion by my own moans,  Tossing and turning in some transcendental dreamscape dance. Your ethereal essence, transmitted images and dreamed words are  Fixed upon my memory's eye like some intuitive genetic instinct.  How is it that...Read On

Love Stories(2)


Creative Chamber II

It's all about the getting there, the slow burn!

Accoutrements… it's all about the ambience, the window dressings, the allure, the tease. Awareness of self, confidence, care of self, appreciating the gifts one is endowed with. A willingness to share with vigor and potency, uninhibited doesn't hurt. THIS dear reader was the stark difference, the dramatic contrast between two women in my life. On the one hand I faced denial and ice. On...Read On


Creative Chamber (Part One)

When creative writing becomes writers creating.

A life of curves presents the slow reveal, that often pays grand dividends at the end! This much I've learned. Patience can be a virtue sometimes. "Shackled", "caged", "suppressed liberation", "aching for release"; all some of my favorite expressions of late, to describe my "sensual" reality up to date… but I'm "married". Yes "married", if that's what you want to call it, living this...Read On



Tending The Gardens - Part One

When a search of a service provider takes an intriguing turn for the better...

She awaited his arrival, heart thumping loudly in her ears, as she tried to collect herself. She had only known him a few weeks, discovered his service by sheer serendipity. So many calls later, she finally struck gold. Of all those she contacted he was the only one willing to deal with her peculiar requests and personality. He was so polite, polished, poised and confident. This appealed to...Read On



Story Time For Two

We were mutually adept at the slow tease.

She moves in new orbits suddenly, on some dating binge it seems, dating all and any who appeal to her recently unveiled acceptance that she's a "slut." That's her word, not mine. She didn't just break out of her shell, that would be putting it way too mildly. No, she fucking bursts right out of the end of some damn circus cannon. That's her flying over there, flying all over town, all over...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Tending The Gardens V

It's time to lend a hand to each and another's garden...

This time she did not resist the weakness and trembling in her knees as she advanced. She began her quest to once and for all have that throbbing cock between her lips. She gracefully shimmied out of her panties as his face reddened with desire, and his hand continued spreading his gleaming nectar over his shaft, slippery, pulsing, expectant. She stepped daintily from her silk and fell before...Read On