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Topic Would You Wear your wife's or girlfriends panties or thongs?
Posted 15 May 2016 17:40

Of course, have a few borrowed pairs to choose from.

Topic Whats your favourite position for being eaten out?
Posted 02 Jan 2016 12:27

if the one above me, Jamiecum allows, her in that position oh my tongue would be so traveling!!!!

Topic Have you ever has sex with someone you know you shouldn't have?
Posted 23 Apr 2015 21:35

my first was with someone i should not have omg, but we are still doing it 8 years on cant help it, but cant take it further mmmm cant say who , not liked on lush sorry but u may guess jelly xxx
oh i know who!!!

Topic First car you fucked in?
Posted 11 Feb 2015 19:19

77 Camero

Posted 13 Nov 2014 20:39

Nymph, A very happy birthday from the True North. still wanna trade??
all the best and many many many more happy days and fantastic stories

Topic What do you do to earn that paycheck, and are you happy?
Posted 26 Mar 2014 21:12

Work in airline industry for oh so TOO long, retiring soon, then find a part time job to have fun with

Topic guys eating you after they cum inside you
Posted 26 Mar 2014 21:08

I turned down the first request if i wanted to taste what i was made of like a dumb shit. never turned down the chance again. I LOVE it
Just waiting for NymphWriters request!! hehe

Topic Do guys like Chubby or Curvy girls?
Posted 20 Jun 2013 21:18

doesn't matter to me cause im gonna kiss and lick all over their body, more body, more kisses and licks. i love it!!!!!

Topic Why do guys jack off?
Posted 20 Jun 2013 21:13

well cause no body here to help me!!!

Topic A question for the older gentlemen.
Posted 08 May 2013 09:52

I was in heaven when my daughter brought her g/friends home and id get all these lovely hugs,,,
did i feel special. dam right and i loved it!!! oh for more hugs!!!

Topic What kind of panties do you prefer?
Posted 06 Mar 2013 22:15

i adore a ladies panties/thongs, better if just worn so sweet

Topic sweet sexy panties
Posted 25 Feb 2013 20:38

nothing sexier than a hot lady in her panties/thong, just so erotic hiding the sweet core of passion

Topic Cumming on her face
Posted 20 Feb 2013 21:07

i had/have a g/friend that does want cum in her mouth so im told cum on my face!. i would never deny a ladies request!!

Topic Sex with a pregnant woman?
Posted 20 Feb 2013 21:01

sex with a pregnant lady, oh i just love it, did it all the time when my ex was with child.
and id do it again if i got the chance!!!

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 12 Feb 2013 21:35

well ive been on midnites for 24 years hence the name

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 26 Jan 2013 21:46 in toronto, alice cooper nites

Topic Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 26 Jan 2013 21:31

i use to drink and party with my ex basement renter. and yes i use to masterbate everynite while she watched,and she was fucking hot!!!!

Topic Would you have a threesome? or an orgy?
Posted 26 Jan 2013 05:56

if giving the chance hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Topic What is your favorite color pantie and bra
Posted 19 Jan 2013 22:46

oh i love red panties and bra,,, its just so sexy

Topic Have you ever used another woman's sex toys, without her knowledge or consent?
Posted 11 Jan 2013 21:53

well i did use my sisters vib on my old g/friend.

Topic If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted 10 Jan 2013 22:08

or just to piss off justin boober,,,, his ex. celina gomez!!!!!!!! mmm hottie

Topic If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted 10 Jan 2013 22:08

oh id take a nite, an afternoon, with the sexy lushy one, ladylinda... fucking delicious

Topic What is your favorite Beatles song?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 21:53

its a toss up between Help and Get back, get back is a classic cause its the last live show by the one and only's

Topic Why do guys like lesbians??
Posted 03 Jan 2013 21:51

guess its a guy thing wanting to watch 2 sexy ladies make out,, and yes even join in.

Topic Ever wanked with a girl's knickers wrapped around your cock?
Posted 25 Dec 2012 01:57

yes love it, and doing it right now!!! stolen from room renter!!! got them when nice and warm and juicy

Topic Would you ever fuck someone...
Posted 23 Dec 2012 06:02

if both are ready for it, yea sure would and did last weekend,

Topic Would you meet someone off Lush for sex?
Posted 23 Dec 2012 05:52

sure would and she is one sexy school girl abby. be her slave for eternety hehe

Topic Do you enjoy being eaten out?
Posted 07 Dec 2012 21:48

seeing that im male, i love to snuggle between the legs and lick endlessly. and if job direction required please direct away, its for your pleasure so help me take you over the edge!

Topic That 70's Show
Posted 07 Dec 2012 21:32

all i can say is thank god the disco duck is dead. long live rock and roll!!!!!

Topic Are You A Different Person When Drunk?
Posted 23 Nov 2012 21:56

no basically the same quiet maybe a bit more silly, im a very happy drunk, no fights just enjoy the haze of the daze!