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12 Oct 2014 20:03

No making my self on this site any more since the ruke and storys have change,,The stories I like to red on this site are not allowed any more so.am making my slefscarse until the rule change.beside there are not any good stores to my liking like they use to be.. 6-2 and eaven OVER AND OUT..10-4 back door

18 Sep 2014 19:18

Time to send ISIS a HERK PUNCH.

20 Jul 2014 21:16

IN coming to those who dislike me being thecurious'''''s Daddy. you have made me go BATTLE MODE

16 Jul 2014 20:23

Summer going grate/ back from my 70th Anniversity D-Day trip.. Today had the best Sex with my two hot ladies... Summer is sooo HOT.

25 May 2014 12:51


11 May 2014 17:44


28 Nov 2013 10:39

Playing in the bunker today, My birds need attention.

28 Nov 2013 09:42

24 Nov 2013 13:53

Cleaning out friend listing.If is been 2 yrs since posting or chatting PF4 u go

11 Nov 2013 08:12

Going out to honor those who serve this Great Nation.

14 Oct 2013 07:52

On vacation, going to relax and read some good stories and make new lush friends.

11 Sep 2013 06:26

Found out my oldest daughter is getting a divorce and granddaughter is helping her with date sites. An d is not the sweet and innocent as I thought. She is just a little high school whore just like her biological mom is. Slap me silly

14 Jul 2013 17:21

Had a very hot surprise today, came out sice after cilling in thew office, my lady was topless in the pool, rub her sholders then her big tit, got undress and join her in the pool, made out itll she had me remover her suit and we fuck like teenager, French kissing and all the works, she had a BIG CUM.. WOW, made my day. round 2 tonight in bed.

09 Feb 2013 16:52

Something is up wiht lust, pictures are Xd out and can not see them,

03 Feb 2013 20:22

work in the bunker today, clean up and had to trow away a few damage birsd, hope some dry weather come soon so can dry it out and get ready for more incomming birds. have 4 i the works

27 Nov 2012 20:26

Time to get ready for a whole new year 2013 will prove to be interesting......

21 Nov 2012 20:02

did some house cleaning and ride my self of item no longer chattabout