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I'm a 39 year old man from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I've raised my daughter on my own since she was about 2 to 3 years old. She's 16 now and extremely hot. I've pretty much devoted my entire life to her to this point, making sure to always be home when she gets home from school, be home every night, etc.. I never wanted to be the one that just went out partying, though now that she's older I'm looking forward to getting out more often .... that said...staying at home with the right person or people is just fine with me. Admittedly though, she turns me on like no one ever has. The thought of watching her, sharing her with other men and women and their sons/daughters, and making her my slut turns me on to no end. It's hard to find the nerve to try anything with her, though if I ever did and she was OK with it I would be fucking her every day all day... taking her out and having her show off...ahh the fun we could have!! If I can find the time to put some stories together they would almost certainly be fantasies of what I would enjoy doing with her. So yah, I am definitely into the family thing!! I do enjoy most anything else too though. I do have some limits...the same as most people...no scat or urine....come to think about it....that's pretty much the extent of my limits...hahaha. I try to always keep a good sense of humor about everything....I really do enjoy life and have no reason not to find amusement in everything I do! Feel free to msg me or chat or whatever...I'm brand new to the site so I'm not sure of all the features yet. Also I'll post a pic when I have the time to take a decent one....I'm probably one of the only people in the world without a pic of themselves on my PC....but oh well...that's the truth and the way it is at the moment. Daughter has a friggin $500 professional camera, so now I just need to figure out how to use it...lol, but I'm most certainly not shy or "fake"...just new...thanks for visiting and hope I get to talk/chat/wahtever with you soon!!!

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Myrtle Beach, SC, South Carolina, United States
I enjoy learning about anything and everything...from economics to astronomy...I love to learn. It seems I've also taken a liking to writing in the past year or so also. I enjoy shooting pool (though I haven't gone out very much in a very long time), spending time with my daughter, relaxing and watching a good movie or reading a good book. I love music. I like most any kind of music, but I especially enjoy 70's and 80's music. This could probably be a really long list, so suffice it to say that, I simply enjoy life in general ! AND of course....sex!! When I chat, I absolutely love when people tell me what they would do to my daughter..there aren't many fantasies I don't find incredibly arousing. Especially love when other parents want to get their daughters involved with mine. Would be a dream come true to happen in real life!!
Favorite Books:
Any Stephen King novel...I've been reading his works since I was about 10 years old and haven't stopped. I used to be able to say I had read every book he had written, though I have slacked up somewhat in the past few years. There are others also; mostly by accident...I'll just start reading and find myself unable to put the book down if it's a really good one.
Favorite Authors:
Stephen King..LOL. HMMM, there have been many authors I've enjoyed reading....especially throughout college, though their names escape me.
Favorite Movies:
I love old movies, new movies, action, drama, comedy....as long as it is not pure crap, chances are I'll enjoy it. Hopefully get to make a few movies of my own one day.
Favorite Music:
Some 60's music, alot of 70's and 80's music, techno, some rap, dance music, country, rock... you name it, I probably like it. There were some good bands and songs in the 90's also. I can't say I'm much of a fan of hardcore rap, though even in that genre I enjoy a song with a good beat. I just can't stand "artists" that can only string 3 words together...2 of them being fuck and "nigga" with no beat and call it music. Being I live at the beach, Jimmy Buffet is definitely a favorite and other "Beach Music" ranks pretty high. It really is hard to find music I don't enjoy, though lately it seems much of the new stuff on the radio is pure crap...sure am glad for Pandora.
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Topic: Which Is Your Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio Movie?
Posted: 22 Oct 2013 18:33

Blood Diamond easily. One of the best movies I've seen and the subject is all too true (though the diamond company's name in real life is De Beers). A bit of information for those that have or have not seen the movie: If you think diamonds are rare, think again. Sure, their might be some that are considered rarer that have the perfect clarity, color, and size (carat), "the three C's when buying diamonds", but watching this movie will give you a short glimpse into what the diamond market is truly like. The De Beer's company has, and more than likely, always will have a virtual monopoly on the global diamond market as they buy every stone worth buying and simply stash them away in vaults to keep the supply low and the price high. It's also not unusual to have Jewish (for some reason) people walk into a shanty of a house with multiple armed guards all over crap towns in 3rd world African countries with thousands of dollars to purchase diamonds that will retail for more than most people can fathom...but that's the way it is...for those who've seen the movie: TIA.

I like several more, but that would be my favorite.

Cheers to all,

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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