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Topic: Sexualization of Young Women
Posted: 05 Jun 2015 23:00

Well, that does put a point on it. And I think that's where my point is too.

I don't think that people who object to certain styles of clothes or behaviors in children are sexualizing the children. They are rejecting the sexualization of the child by association with sexual imagery. To use the poodle metaphor: No, I don't find the poodle sexy, but I wonder about the motives of the person who put the poodle in the bikini. I wonder if they were trying to evoke a sense of sexiness or simply absurdity. When I see children dancing with exaggerated "sexiness" I have a similar strange dissociation. The children are not "sexy", but their behaviors seem to be trying to invoke "sexiness".

Maybe this doesn't make sense to other people. I'm not trying to "blame" anyone, least of all the children. Like someone else said, I think they should be able to retain their innocence for as long as possible.

I understand your point, though children dancing sexually are simply copying adults - often they are taught them in dance classes which I hate. I remember my niece showing the family such dance moves she'd been taught and I found them just wrong, dissociation is not a strong enough term for it.

Now you've reminded me of one of my favourite movies, showing up the whole sexualisation of children at it's most absurd, the child pageant. I'm going to have to download Little Miss Sunshine again now.


Topic: Sexualization of Young Women
Posted: 05 Jun 2015 22:49

I mean very long prison sentences. Perpetrators may or may not have been victims, but there is such a thing as choice. If people are wired wrong then they should seek help. The bottom line is that we need to protect children. If that means locking people up, then that's it.

D x

I disagree. I see such people and think there but through the grace of genetic predisposition, environmental factors and pure happenstance go I. If I look at a child I see only a child, but I have no idea if it's possible for me to have been treated differently in the past to be screwed up enough to sexualise a child. Ignoring the whole free will debate and research that indicates that choices are made in our brains before our conscious self claims them... it's much easier to make a choice if you have a whole raft of factors that go your way. If people are wired wrong they should seek help, but if they're also wired in such a way as to be too deeply embarrassed to seek help, or too defensive to admit they need help (very likely psychological trait in an abused person) or are low in empathic intelligence such that they "rationalise" any damage they do to others as minimal, or are simply not aware enough to understand the damage they do then we need to create a surrounding environment that makes it easier for them to make the decision to seek help.

The sort of environment that locks people away for ???? is not one to be conducive to that. And I'm still not sure how long you suggest? ... until they're too old to commit? and based on what act, sharing pictures of kids that others would see as innocuous, of pics that are sexual in nature, actively taking those pics, actually abusing kids. Lock them up for the first and they may well come out capable of doing the last if a rehabilitative environment isn't created.

The bottom line is... well the bottom line, how much resources do we have to tackle the problem and how are they most productively spent. Are those resources better spent housing someone in a prison indefinitely, or actively spent understanding and rectifying the aberrant psychology. One targets the symptom, the other the underlying cause. Let's face it, the majority of abuse is by someone directly related to the person and often doesn't come to light until many years later and then may not be provable in a court of law, and by that time most of the molesters abusing days may well be over and simply locking them up as a strategy is even less effectual. Sure, lock them up, but most importantly so they can be forced to undergo some sort of treatment.

Topic: Babes on bikes
Posted: 04 Jun 2015 18:41

Most of these women are just posers. Give me a women that actually rides motorbikes any day...



Topic: Sexualization of Young Women
Posted: 04 Jun 2015 17:46

She could use a wax though laughing6

What!? You want her to be hairless like a new born puppy. That's just sick.

Topic: Sexualization of Young Women
Posted: 04 Jun 2015 17:37

If someone put a bikini on their poodle, would you see the poodle as a sexual object because of the bikini it was wearing? !

That really depends.... if she's got that come hither look then it'd be hard to resist...


Topic: do you believe in God?
Posted: 04 Jun 2015 16:36

I think the

At the risk of taking some flippant comments seriously Satanists wouldn't consider their deity (if considered a deity) to be evil, that's Christianity (and other religions) overlaying their mores and their view of heretics as been influenced by their concept of the devil and evil. Satanism as some sort of anti-christianity only really exists in the bedrooms of reactionary teenagers with heavy metal band posters on the wall just being all dark and broody.

Personally I prefer Tom Waits take on it...

Boney's high on china white,
Shorty found a punk,
don't you know there ain't no devil,
there's just god when he's drunk.

Topic: Sexualization of Young Women
Posted: 04 Jun 2015 16:16

There is a clearly an ongoing problem with men who have an unnatural interest in children. This problem is compounded by an ineffective judicial response. When the government chooses to mete out the necessary Draconian measures on child abusers, I believe the public will have a more confident attitude to children and such nonsense as suggested in the OP (not a criticism of the poster) should go away with time.
Danielle xx

I'm curious what sorts of draconian measures you suggest. Do you suggest harsher treatment? Increasing prison sentences won't work unless they are locked up in perpetuity. Given recidivism is less than 20% this seems a little harsh. Rehabilitation programs in a jurisdiction in Australia reduce reoffending to about 10% which is a substantial reduction but obviously not enough (these figures are overall for sex offenders, I wouldn't be surprised if the success rates are less for crimes against children). I'd suggest that sentences should be increased simply so that they have enough time to complete rehabilitation programs, undergo detailed subsequent monitoring programs (and not the naming and shaming type that is often suggested and merely puts offenders on the defensive where they're more likely to try to justify their behaviour) and in extreme cases chemical castration (quite a few offenders would actually choose this approach though it shouldn't always be their choice). All this requires resources. Unfortunately people don't like to see sex offenders given help and resources because their crimes are seen as the worst possible, and so they prefer to see retribution even if it is demonstrably less effective. Myself, I see them differently. These offenders are wired wrong, often because they themselves have been abused and so I find it difficult to condemn them forever. I can't help but see them as children themselves getting screwed up by some fucked up adult who themselves was once a child...

Topic: What's Your Greatest Fear In Life?
Posted: 02 Jun 2015 15:29

The large hadron collider creating a quantum singularity and sucking us all up our own bottoms!

Then you have nothing to worry about. Such black holes would evaporate almost instantly, I guess in a puff of quantum flatulence given these black holes are getting created in our bottoms - not sure what the mechanism is there - are they using baked bean particles?

Topic: do you believe in God?
Posted: 29 May 2015 16:30

Don't be silly ;)

He's actually done that. Taken his bat and ball and gone home. Maybe the OP should have simply created a poll.

Odd that such substantial changes are allowed after subsequent posts. Can make the thread a little hard to follow if whole swathes of quotes aren't taken.

Topic: Noahs ark accepted gays it seems...
Posted: 28 May 2015 16:09

This is from a sanctioned biblical text - seems they weren't paying close enough attention.


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