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To the one who deleted there account and couldn't give an explanation or say good bye so very very rude and inconsiderate. I deserve better than that for all i gave you.

01 May 2015 07:47

My best buddy Winston in photo.

08 Apr 2015 08:00

08 Apr 2015 07:56

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JoinMembers WW Episode 7: In memory of Grace Bowen – The epitome of strength, grace and courage
I met Grace Bowen just under a year ago. I was introduced to her by her cousin I met at a Goodlife fitness event last March. Seeing as I was in Toronto I decided instead of signing an autograph I would just go visit Grace at Sick Kids hospital. I will never forget the day that I met Grace, she was sitting on her hospital bed doing crafts and had a big smile on her face when I came to see her. Instantly, I could see there was a spirit to Grace that I could relate to. Her tough resilient attitude and illuminating light and love that shone from her struck me.

The other thing that struck me was Grace had no lower right leg. It had been amputated by doctors in order to take the tumour out. Osteosarcoma they call this form of cancer. The thing with Grace is that she had a choice

19 Mar 2015 05:18